The Gingerbread Man Play

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Live Theater Performance

We are very lucky to have the opportunity on Dec. 6th to watch a live musical theatre show performance by professional actors. They will be performing the show ‘The Gingerbread Man’.

Watching live theatre is a wonderful way for the children to learn some extremely valuable skills which they can carry through into many areas of the curriculum. They learn how to be an active member of the audience by listening, watching, laughing and clapping. The children will see real actors pretending to be different characters, watching their body movements and using vocal techniques which can be carried through into imaginary play and storytelling. The children will also hear music and songs within this performance, and learn how music and drama can be combined. We will be asking the children to follow the show very carefully as the children will be completing different activities involving this story.

This fabulous opportunity is funded by UAS.

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