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Dear Parents

On Sunday morning December 4th, the DSIB (Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau) who are a team under the KHDA that inspect private schools in Dubai, will be visiting UAS for the purpose of taking photographs that capture student life here in Dubai. The photographs will eventually be used in their future publications.

Your child’s class has been selected for the shoot, as such would you kindly sign and return with your child on Sunday morning, the paper copy of the photography release form allowing the DSIB to use the photographs for their publications. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries about this.

Kind regards

UAS Administration

November 27-30, 2016

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On December 4th the DSIB (Dubai School Inspection Bureau) will coming to our classroom to take some pictures of the children learning.  A note went home today that you must sign to give permission for them to take your child’s picture.  This must be returned on Sunday.

Please return your child’s blue portfolio on Sunday.

We will be seeing the Gingerbread Man play on December 6th!!

December 15th is the last day of school before the winter break.  School ends at 11:45 for us on this day.  We return back to school on January 2nd. Please let me know if you will be leaving early for the holiday.


What we did this week

This week we continued our exploration of the UAE.  We learned a song about the 7 Emirates, read books about the UAE and the founders of the UAE, made UAE buildings with clay and with blocks, drew a picture of Burj Khalifa with fireworks and participated in the UAE fair on Tuesday morning. On Monday, Khawla’s Mom sent in a lot of food for us to try.  We tried fresh dates, chobab, arsiah, lugaimat and ballalet.  We were so lucky to try these yummy Emirati foods!

Here are some pictures:

What’s Coming Up Next Week

Next week we will read many different versions of The Gingerbread Man.  We will compare the stories and be looking for similarities and differences.  We will make puppets of the characters from the story and will be acting out the story in our own words.  At centers we will try and create a bridge for the gingerbread man, make glitter bottles, practice number formation with paint brushes and water, play a game with our sense of hearing and sight and work at literacy centers.  We will be making gingerbread cookies as well as seeing the play!

The Gingerbread Man Play

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Live Theater Performance

We are very lucky to have the opportunity on Dec. 6th to watch a live musical theatre show performance by professional actors. They will be performing the show ‘The Gingerbread Man’.

Watching live theatre is a wonderful way for the children to learn some extremely valuable skills which they can carry through into many areas of the curriculum. They learn how to be an active member of the audience by listening, watching, laughing and clapping. The children will see real actors pretending to be different characters, watching their body movements and using vocal techniques which can be carried through into imaginary play and storytelling. The children will also hear music and songs within this performance, and learn how music and drama can be combined. We will be asking the children to follow the show very carefully as the children will be completing different activities involving this story.

This fabulous opportunity is funded by UAS.

For additional information please visit the following website: www.lollipoptheatre.com



November 20th-23rd, 2016

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Sunday, November 27th – dress in UAE colors (flag shirts, painted hair, face paint, etc.)

Monday, November 28th – dress in a plain red shirt (bottoms can be school pants or shorts).  We will be taking a school wide human flag photo.

Tuesday, November 29th – dress in traditional clothes from the UAE.

We will have library on Wednesday this week.

There is no school on December 1st.


What We Did This Week


Thank you so much for coming to Parent Teacher Conferences.  100% attendance!!!  Please remember that I am always available if you have any concerns or questions.

We had a great week exploring the UAE and what a wonderful country it is.  We read many books about the UAE and by UAE authors.  We painted pictures, explored objects from the UAE, listened to music and shared pictures of our favorite buildings.  We had a taste test with 4 tastes – salty (pretzel), sweet (skittles), sour (lemon) and bitter (85% chocolate).  I was impressed that most children liked the bitter chocolate.  Ask your child which one they liked the best?  We also played a game that relied on our sense of smell.  Sports Day was super fun!  The children participated in 5 centers – dancing with ribbons, completing an obstacle course, running relays with an egg and spoon, playing duck, duck goose and playing with the parachute.


What’s Coming Up Next Week

Next week we will be continuing our study of the UAE.  We will be creating our favorite buildings with blocks and clay, learning a song about the 7 emirates, reading more books by UAE authors and tasting Emirati food (thanks to Khawla’s mom).  On Tuesday we will be participating in UAE activities set up by the high school students.  At centers we will be working at literacy centers, looking at our sense of sight by making telescopes and go on a looking walk, playing a sound game and playing a math game.


November 13-17, 2016

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Please have your child wear their light blue KG1 t-shirt on Tuesday for Sports Day.  Please ensure that they are wearing shoes appropriate for sports activities.

School ends at 11:45 on Wednesday.  The whole school gets out early so there will be a lot of traffic.

There is no school on Thursday because of parent teacher interviews.  Please be on time as the conferences are back to back.  This is a time for you and I to talk about your child.  Please do not bring your child with you to the conference.

These dates are not yet confirmed but please take note about the different things you child Pizzeria wear to school.

On the 27th of November the children can dress in the colors of the UAE, spray their hair, face paint, etc.

On the 28th of November the children must wear a plain red shirt.  We will be taking a school wide UAE flag photo and KG1 students will be the red part of the flag.

On the 29th of November the children can wear UAE national clothes.


What We Did This Week

This week we started our exploration of our 5 senses by popping popcorn.  The children could not see the popcorn machine so they had to use their other senses to try and figure out what it was. The children also explored 5 centers where each one had various items related to one of the senses.  We also explored our 5 senses with a marshmallow and made grape scented playdough. We worked at literacy centers on various skills.  At centers we worked on making an alphabet book, identifying beginning sounds of words, making an age collage, sorting by sense and quantifying numbers.


What’s Coming up Next Week

For the next two weeks we will be doing a lot of activities related to the UAE.  We will be talking about what we love about the UAE and sharing pictures of our favorite buildings.  We will be creating buildings with clay, reading many books by UAE authors, exploring UAE items with our 5 senses and making a craft. We will be working at literacy centers and having time to share our portfolios with our friends. On Tuesday the children will participate in Sports Day.  They must wear their KG1 light blue t-shirts on this day.


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  1. We took our class pictures on Monday.  You can order your child’s pictures here – Order School Photos  The last day to order your child’s photos is Sunday, November 20th.
  2. We will have library tomorrow (Wednesday).  The library is closed on Thursday so we had to switch our time.
  3. Please send in a picture of your child’s favourite building in the UAE by Thursday.

November 6-9, 2016

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Class Photos are on November 14th.  They will be after snack so please pack a “clean” snack on this day.   Your child must wear the UAS polo shirt for the class pictures.

Please send in a picture of your child’s favorite building in the UAE and/or a picture of their house by November 17th.

Please do not put any library books or other papers (from your child’s folder) in the literature bags.


What We Did This Week

This week we looked at Picasso’s abstract faces and made our own abstract faces based on his work.  These fabulous creations are up on the bulletin board outside the classroom.  At centers we worked on representing numbers with objects, counting 1 to 1, forming letters with different shapes, listening to a story on CD, playing math games, matching upper and lower case letters and sorting. In literacy we have been working on the letters sounds of our friend’s names, rhyming, finding things that begin with a certain sound and sounding out words.


What’s Coming Up Next Week

Next week we will start our new PYP unit—How the World Works. Here is the link for the letter explaining this new unit. This is such a fun unit full of hand on experiments and cooking.  We will be learning about our 5 senses.  On Sunday, we will be making something and exploring it with our five senses.  We will be using our observation skills and predicting.  At centers we will work on exploring our 5 senses, sorting by sense, making an age collage, exploring ramps and creating an alphabet book. We will continue to work at literacy centers on concepts of print and on literacy activities at your child’s level.



October 30th- November 3rd, 2016

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Scholastic book orders are due on November 7th.  This is a great way to build your child’s library with some fantastic books. “The single most important activity for building the knowledge required for eventual success in reading is reading aloud to children.”

There is no school on November 10th.

Please note that we will have library on Wednesday next week.

Just a reminder that if the literature bags are returned late or if an item is missing, your child will be unable to take home a literature bag that week.  Ms. Kareen spends Sunday afternoon checking through all the literature bags and I then assign new literature bags to each child on this day.

Information about conferences will be coming home next week.

Happy Flag Day!!


What We Did This Week

This week we had fun celebrating Halloween. On Sunday Omar’s mother and Saeb’s mother came in to do some wonderful centers with the children and on Monday Charlie’s Mom came in to make a spider craft with the children.  THANK YOU SO MUCH TO THESE THREE PARENTS!!!!  We made a new class book—Some Things Are Scary.  This book will be going home soon—please remember to keep it for just one day.  The children had fun trick or treating and loved all the special treats they got.  At centers the children worked on patterns, forming letters, playing a game with ten-frames and re-telling stories.  We are working on identifying the beginning sounds of our friend’s names. We had a practice evacuation drill on Wednesday.  The children did a great job and there were no tears.


What’s Coming Up Next Week

Next week we will be starting literacy groups where the children will all be working on activities at their level.  At centers we will be working on strengthening our fine motor skills, drawing with detail, beginning sounds, representing numbers with objects, sorting and playing some math games.  We will be looking for all the kind acts we see in the classroom and work on thanking everyone around us when they do something for us.