2016 Track and Field Wrap Up!!

Hello UAS Athletics fans!!

It seems like it was only yesterday that we had our first track and field practice, travelled all over Dubai to compete with other competitive schools in the area and were on a flight back from a victorious OAC Championship in Jordan. At the awards ceremony a video highlighting the season was presented, and here it is!!

Thanks again to all the student athletes, parents and coaches for another great track and field season!!

Switch Up in PE!!

Hello Physical Literacy fans!!

This week we have had to do a bit of a switch up with our PE programming in the Elementary. Starting April 12 (that is today!!) Ms. Donna will be teaching the KG2 and Grade 1 classes swimming and I will be teaching the Grade 4 and Grade 5 Tactical/Teamwork Games! This switch will be in effect for the remainder of the 4th quarter.

For my KG2 and Grade 1 parents, I want to say that it has been an amazing experience working with you and your children! They have been amazing and I am looking forward to seeing them on the playgrounds, hallways and classrooms at UAS!!

For the new Grade 4 and Grade 5 parents, welcome!! I have spoke to a few of your children and I think that they are as excited about the switch up as I am (which is awesome!!). I have attached a link to the course outline which highlights things such as what we will be learning, how students will be assessed, classroom expectations and much more useful information. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

UAS Physical Education Course Outline 2015-2016
UAS Physical Education Assessment 2015-2016

March PYP in PE Champions/Wrap Up of Games

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 9.01.28 AMScreen Shot 2016-03-24 at 9.00.59 AM

Hello there friends and fans of Physical Literacy!!

March was a very busy month here at UAS. Not only were the students (and maybe the teachers) were counting down the days until spring break, but there was A LOT of high level learning and development happening in PE class!

During our cooperative games unit we were focusing on developing behaviours and attitudes that supported cooperative play/strategic thinking within the students. With a lot of great discussions and student lead reflection, I was very impressed with the progress that all students showed! What an awesome surprise!!

This unit was also done with a second agenda! For March, our PYP Learner Profile focus was “open minded”, and our PYP in PE champions Naya from G1TT and Malek from KG2CK definitely personified what a open minded thinker should look like in PE. I am very impressed with this accomplishment because being open minded to new ideas and concepts can often be a difficult task! Congratulations you two!!

February PYP in PE Champions: Kowledgable

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 9.09.56 AMScreen Shot 2016-02-29 at 9.15.39 AM

Hello Physical Literacy Fans!!

This month, our PYP in PE Champions were very KNOWLEDGABLE in their PE classes. Throughout our Kicking and Trapping unit, many students demonstrated what it takes to take their prior learning of physical literacy concepts and apply them to a new unit. But Taym and Hussain were the students who stood out this month! Congratulations on being the PYP in PE Champions for February!!

Wrap Up: Stunts and Tumbling


Hello Physical Literacy fans!!

With the end of the month near, that means we are also wrapping up our Stunts and Tumbling unit! Throughout the unit students were learning and developing their body awareness skills, developing balance, improving strength and learning that they can use partners and different body positions to do certain things! At the end of the unit students had to tackle Mr. Ferguson’s Mission Impossible to demonstrate and apply all of the different skills that we have worked on this unit. Not only did they have a blast being secret agents, I was very surprised at the level of cooperation, perseverance and problem solving from all the students!!

Next up on the menu: Kicking and Trapping!!

PS. All of us here in th PE department have a special surprise coming up for UAS Literacy Week (Feb 28-Mar 3). As always, parents are more than welcome to help us celebrate physical literacy. Stay tuned for more details!


Grade 1 December and January PYP in PE Champions!!

January PYP Champion2December PYP Champion

Hello Physical Literacy fans!!!

I know that in December I did not deem a PYP in PE Champion, but here are our Champions for grade 1 PE!!

In December our theme was INQUIRER; someone who asked questions, independently solved them and made learning discoveries though exploration of skill use and game play. Siyu from G1CC was just that type of learner!! She is always asking questions and often figuring out the solution before I could help her out! Great job Siyu!!

January I was looking for that COMMUNICATOR in class; that person who could clearly express their ideas not only to me but to others in class too. Marva is exceptional at this skill! I am very impressed with her ability to clearly communicate with her peers in PE!!

Welcome Back Everyone!!!!

Hello Physical Literacy enthusiasts!!

Happy New Year! I hope that everyone had a very relaxing and re-energizing break filled with great memories and a little bit of physical activity.

This week starts us off on our Stunts and Tumbling unit in the gym for PE class. I hope that the students are as excited about this unit as I am! I can’t think of any better way to develop muscle strength, coordination, cooperation and body awareness than rolling around like little ninjas!

As always, parents are more than welcome to come to class, participate and have as much fun as the students do!

Insights into Physical Activity: Cultural Difference

Hello Physical Literacy fans!

I wanted to share with you some fresh new insights that I have from my recent international experience. Over the break, my wife and I traveled with some friends to India to Kerala for a little bit of sight seeing and to be a tourist. During our time there, I kept having a feeling that something is missing in this beautiful place but I could not put my finger on it. As the trip progressed I slowly realised that there was something wrong, why haven’t I seen or heard any kids playing in the playgrounds or any games?

Numerous times I walked by lonely playgrounds who were missing the sounds of children playing, sport fields that showed no signs of use in a long time and abandoned volleyball nets randomly set up but not used. Only once in my journey did I see a game of soccer being played by small children and a group of military officers playing a game of volleyball and I thought to myself why? Why did it take almost 5 full days for me to see any physical activity?

A conclusion that I have come up with is resources. We often forget that we are blessed to have such an abundance to time and resources where we can go out and be physically active for leisure purposes. Leisurely physical activity is an excellent way to develop social bonds between family, friends and complete strangers and is an excellent way to increase our quality of life and health. Spending time in front of a screen squanders these resources that we have. I know that after my experience visiting India (which I do recommend!!!) I am more grateful to have the ability to be physically active every day!

No Swimming/Review Games

Hello physical literacy fans!!

I apologise for the lack of communication about our swimming unit. Apparently you have to hit a publish button to make an announcement visible to everyone!

We have had to postpone our swimming unit until later in the year. I will communicate these dates with you in the future. Please send your lovely children to school in their regular PE clothing.

Instead of swimming we will be playing many various games to help review some of the concepts that we have covered so far in PE this year (locomotor and non-locomotor skills, throwing and catching, team cooperation, individual roles, fair play and critical thinking). If you have any questions or want to come on out and join us, don’t hesitate!