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Limerick – Star ☆☆☆☆☆


For this unit we are learning about space and poem, we get to choose what are we going to write like sun, universe, galaxy,(every thing that is in the space).what i choose is -star, because i know something about stars already.so is easy for me to write. And we has to write a limerick.

click here to learn how to write a limerick

Here is some fact:

☆ The big of the star(Planet), the smaller of the life

☆ There is many color of star

Click here to see my poem

But please do no edit or delete 

Final Exhibtion Report


though  the exhibition, we did many thing like paint, bookmark, flip book and all other different things. though the exhibition i learned more thing about my topic, i know what are consumerism and materialism mean, and the effect of consumerism and materialism to the environment. the different thing we did like hashtag, it help us on present our topic. our hashtag is # buy what you need. that means don’t buy the thing you want you have to buy the thing you need.For my own work i did a information report and the letter the grade four.

SLC- Student led Conferences


I showed my parent what i did in grade 5. my mom and my dad and my brother came together with me, i was pretty scary to say it out loud so i cry.

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News Articel


Exhibiation Reflection


In the picture I was the people with 9 on. because to now i don’t understand the hole point of the exhibition but i still feel happy with my group we work together to get one thing that our hole group need to get to second i feel like i was 6, because i need my friend to help me with understanding.



In the camp my most excited part is kayaking  

and Jacob’s ladder, because it is something new to me and is make learn something that we need to use in real life. but in Jacob’s ladder even I try my best to cheer my friend to come up to go up, but they can’t.

the thing I don’t like is the snorkeling, because in the ocean has many jellyfish that are very small even they will not hurt you, but I still scary of the jellyfish. The teacher show us many different sea animal but I just scary of the sea animal.

The thing I learn in camp is teamwork and I learn the survival.


HTWW-Three Typ of Matter


Solids: We used hand like bone that collet together

liquid: we move a little.

Gas: We all move around.

Molecule: We is a very small molecule.



We were presenting our work.

Click here to see my powerpoint presentation!

To see another presentation:


This is my research about John Cabot.

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