In KG2 we use lessons based on First Steps in Music by John Feierabend. This means that every class we do the following activities:

Pitch Exploration: Students are led or lead a simple vocal warmup that focuses on using their proper singing voice and exploring their vocal range. This can include using their voice to follow a shape traced in the air or mimicking the sound of a kazoo.

Call and Response: I sing a song and the students echo it back. This is developing their pitch matching and guides expressive singing.

Movement Exploration: Students do various activities involving different kinds of movement. This can include activities like freeze dance, walking to the sound of a drum, moving using only body part, or mirroring the movements of a partner.

Finger Plays: Students follow along as I tell a story or sing a song that has actions associated with it. This helps develop fine motor skills.

Circles: These are games that happen in a circle while the children sing a song. These games help develop a sense of community as well as develop the voice.

Beat Activities: The goal in this section is to help students develop their sense of the beat which is one of the most important parts of music. This can include playing instruments along to music or games that require them to pass a ball on the beat.

Simple Songs: Songs that are easy for them to learn quickly. They are usually quite short and repetitive and help develop and pitch and rhythm vocabulary.

Ariosos: During Arioso time, students are encouraged to improvise melodies. At the beginning of the year we focus on the difference between speaking and singing. From there, we progress to making up melodies on a neutral syllable such as “moo.” By the end of the year, we will be improvising melodies for short verses. The goal is to encourage students to explore their voices and develop their creativity.

Songtales: This is a listening activity where I sing a song that goes along with a picture book. This helps students develop their listening skills and appreciation for music. It also shows that music can tell a story.


For more information about “First Steps in Music,” you can go here


Here is a list of the songs we know:

Welcome to Music

Johnny Works with One Hammer

Tic and Toc

Apple Tree

Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Snail Snail

Hill and Gully Rider

Five Little Monkeys

Old King Glory

Take My Little Car

Tweedle Dee Dee

I am a Pizza

The Finger Band

Cut the Cake

We All Sing with the Same Voice

This is my Speaking Voice

Little Sally Walker

John the Rabbit

Little Mousie Brown

Down by the Bay

Bounce High, Bounce Low

The Twelve Days of Christmas

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