Grade 1

In Grade 1 we do lessons using a mixture of the Orff and Kodaly approaches. This means we use classroom instruments (like the xylophones and other percussion instruments) to learn about different music elements like rhythm, melody, form, and more. We learn solfege syllables and handsigns as a prelude to music literacy. We learn primarily folk songs from different cultures as this is an instrumental part of both the Orff and Kodaly methods. We also integrate some parts of “First Steps in Music” by John Feierabend.

For more information about the Orff Appraoch, you can go here

For information about the Kodaly Method, you can go here

For more information about “First Steps in Music,” you can go here


Here is a list of songs we know:

Little Sally Walker

Flea! Fly!

Old Obidiah

Closet Key

Kye Kye Kule

Hop Old Squirrel

Cut the Cake

Bow Wow Wow

No More Pie

Fiddlers are Playing

All Around the Buttercup

Tony Chestnut

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