Grade 2 Week 3

This week Grade 2 was learning about musical form. We sang call and response songs as well as songs in AB form. We created accompaniments for a song we were singing using many different classroom instruments. On Thursday the class learned the dance from “Thriller” as part of the Halloween celebrations. The songs we learned this week were “John Kanaka”, “Black Snake”, and “There Was an Old Woman”. Next week is our last week (for now!) so we will be composing our own pieces of music.

Grade 2 Update

This week grade 2 learned about half notes (or “too”). We also continued to work with ostinati and the students wrote their own ostinato and chose what body percussion they wanted to use to play it. The songs we learned this week were “Sally Go ‘Round the Sun”, “Tony Chestnut”, and “Bluebird Through my Window.” We also continued to sing “Bear Comes Knockin'”.

First Week of Grade 2!

This week was the first week of music for grade 2! We learned new songs this week: “Button You Must Wander” and “Bear Comes Knockin'”. We played with instruments as well, including the xylophones and other percussion instruments. We also listened to parts of Bolero by Ravel and learned about ostinati. We also reviewed rhythms from last year by playing a Poison Rhythm game. We will continue to learn new songs and play with more instruments next week!

KG2 Final Week

Today was our last music class (for now!). This week we had a lot of fun singing a very silly song, “I am a Pizza” and playing different instruments with our new friends, the Finger Band. We also talked a lot about roller coasters and how to ride a roller coaster with our voices and learned a new game, “Cut the Cake”. We also played with a new instrument this week: the triangle. We continued to practice fast and slow as well as the beat.

I will see KG2 again in December!