Limerick Poems (Space)


I wrote 2 limerick poems about ‘Nebulae’. It was so fun to research about it and even write a poem about it! I even wrote some at home because I was so interested!


                Big cloud of dust and gas in space

                It’s a very beautiful place

               Made by dying star

              So satisfying

                 But can’t pack it in a suitcase!


                  It could be very gigantic

                 When you see it, please don’t panic

                 Very far from our Earth

                  place where stars get birth

                    Is it true that they are organic?







Planetarium Reflection (Field trip)

Today the whole grade 5 went to ‘Sharjah center for astronomy and space sciences’ and saw their planetarium. It was such a unique experience. It was where they made things that represented gravity, planets orbiting the sun, galaxies, how lights move and much more. They even had mini spaceships that actually works like a real one and when you go inside it, you could drive it and the seats even shake. I wanted to stay there all day long but we didn’t have much time.

I used to think the sun (that’s in the middle of our solar system) was the biggest star in our galaxy but today, they told me that there are much more bigger stars than the sun in the middle of our solar system. Just imagining how big they were, got me a headache. If the sun is 1.3 times bigger than our Earth, how big will the other stars be that are bigger than our sun? It’s not possible to visualize it because it is so big. I really enjoyed watching the space planetarium because we could see galaxies and stars everywhere on top of me. One of my most favorite part was when we all closed our eyes, and when we opened our eyes, we could see so much constellations made by the stars. It was beautiful.

I wish I could get another chance to go there again because it was amazing and it was the best field trip I have ever gone before.


Letter to future Exhibition Students

This is the link to “letter to future exhibition students”

I wrote it for the future grade 5 exhibition students about how it feels like, how they could do to solve things and gave main 3 pieces of advice to help them get ready for exhibition next year. I hope they do good as ours’! Good luck:) I hope I helped them at least a little bit.  



Reflection from my Exhibition experience (Week 8)

‘I can’t believe it’s over. Time flew so fast and I just can’t believe it. We finished exhibition! For the past few days, we were in DFC presenting what we did throughout the 7 weeks that we worked so hard on. I can still remember the day when everyone was curious to know our group members and our exhibition teacher. But now, I am here being so proud with my team. I think we’ve done a great job during this long time. We have spent a lot of time researching, making things, and cooperating together. Now, I feel like we are a family and we know each other much better than when we first started this whole project.

Before I choose my topic and when I didn’t know so many things about it, I used to always over-consume and buy the things that I don’t need and I just want to follow the trend like others. But now that I learned so much about how consumerism harms the environment and how it also affects us, ourselves. And now, I keep noticing what my mom is doing wrong because I have researched and learned about all this. She loves to shop when there are discounts and sales. So, I always remind her that my topic is consumerism and materialism. Then, she tries to remind herself to actually buy what you NEED. That showed me that I really changed someone’s perspective from buying so much things to making them think if this is important or not.

In the final presentation, all of us in our team was happy because it went as we thought it would and the people that came to our board listened to us carefully so we want to thank them, too. I think this was a success and a lot of people complimented us that our board looked very good and neat. They all were good audients.

And finally, overall, I think it was more successful than I thought and I think it was a great experience in my life because I feel proud of myself for finishing things in time and managing my time wisely. Becuase normally, we have a pretty long time for us to finish something. But for the exhibition, we needed to get things done in time and submit it, and also, doing something in the right timing was important, too. This got me so ready for middle school. I think it will be very fun. I just can’t wait!

Before you go, check out my other post about the “Letter to future exhibition students”! It is under ‘exhibition’ category.

My life in grade 5 (SLC)

Now, Exhibition is ending and I am so excited for the presentation that we are going to do in DFC. I am so stressed out and tired at the same time. Also, grade 5 is almost ending and I can’t wait to see so many new things there. I  am so excited for having lockers there.

But anyways, I wanted to show you what I made to show my parents on SLC. I made a google slide about my life in grade 5. It was so much fun and I am very sad beacuse most of my friends are leaving.

Copy and Paste this and search it up to see what I made:

Exhibition week 5

My exhibition is going so good because we are already getting our action plans done and we are now thinking of how our board in Festival City Center is going to look like.

Our action plan is to make an event for grade 4s and 5s. It is an even where they could give us the clothes they don’t wear or want anymore to us instead of throwing it so we can turn it into something nicer and new. For example, we a turn a shirt into a grocery bag

Mentor Meeting

Today, we had our second mentor meeting and we talked about a lot of things. Since our meeting is on every Thursday, we always have to tell him about all the things that we did through the week. So the conversation gets very long talking about all the things we did. But he’s always a great mentor.

Anyways, today we told him about our action, making a power point, our research.. ect. And I thought it was a great talk because we asked him how we can design the poster so that people can get attracted and bring in their clothes. He gave us amazing tips of how we don’t need to put a lot of words, some things related to sending e-mails, and easy ways to research.

Also, when we got into the conversation about consumerism, he told us about a high school teacher called Ms.Guest and how materialistic she is. He said that Ms.Guest said she could fill up her whole house with her outfits and she can wear a different outfit everyday for at least 2 years without wearing the same outfit once. So we told Mr.Dodge that we wanted to interview her so we went to her office together. Mr.Dodge talked to her and she said she was perfectly fine with that. So we are planning a date right now when she is free so that we can go and ask her some questions.

I am so excited and nervous at the same time.

Exhibition Week 4

Today is the last day of week 4 and I feel like so many things have happened day by day. Already, we’ve been through so much and we learned as much as we struggled.

Our group name is ‘Cooperators’ and there is actually a reason behind it of why we named it like that. On our first week of exhibition, we went really good and everyone listened to each other. But starting from our third week, we started to fight a lot and we never cooperated. Which we were NOT expecting. So we always tried to solve it but it wasn’t easy to solve it.

So yesterday, I talked to my group that I didn’t want to spend rest of my time in our exhibition group like that so we talked and talked.. We all shared our thinkings with each other so that we won’t be fighting anymore.

After our long, long talk, we were all happy and we understood why everyone thought differently about the same thing. I was glad that we solved the problem, and so was all my team members.

And after that talk, today went so well. We tried our best to not talk over each other and understand why the other people were thinking that way. I hope we keep continue to work likr this and we will be the best group ever!

Spring Break

It is spring break. I am happy and sad at the same time.

First of all, I am happy because I get to have more time to spend with my family and my friends. Also, a lot of time for me to study and practice math. I love math and studying.

But I am also sad because I won’t get to see my teachers and school friends. Not just that, because I don’t get to learn new things and do cool things.

I really like the school work that we do in school. Honestly, I don’t get how my friends hate school because I love it. That’s why I wake up so early in the morning.

Anyways, that gives me a lot of time for me to think and start planning my action plans for exhibition.  I work so hard and I am so focused but my group members aren’t really doing anything. They are just playing around and doing whatever they like. But I can help them.

I am so nervous and excited for everything happening in my life!