Exhibition Week 1

This is our first week of the exhibition.

In my group, there is Cece, Marya, me, and Lisa. We are in a group of 4 and our topic is consumerism and materialism. I am very happy that I got chosen with these people and this topic.

Because first of all, I work very well with them and we cooperate very well, too. So that’s why our group name is the ‘Cooperators’. We listen to each other carefully and we all share our ideas. I am very glad.

Anyways, I wanted to say that so far, we are doing so good and I think everyone in our group is proud of each other. I am also proud of all my team members and also, myself. When it was time to research our topic, all of us got so many notes and a lot of things to share together.

I can’t wait until the last part of the exhibition when we will have all this knowledge and facts entered in our brain. When it’ll be easy peasy for us to explain what ‘consumerism’ and ‘materialism’ means!

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