Book Week

This week was book week. It is a week where we have DEAR time (Drop Everything And Read) for about 2~30 minutes. It was so fun and I enjoyed it because I usually enjoy reading and it is 1 of my favorite hobbies.

And my favorite part was the last day of book week, Thursday. Thursday is when we got to dress up as our favorite book character. I dressed up as Ruby from the book called ‘Double Act’ written by ‘Jaqualin Wilson’.

She is one of my favorite author because she writes with great descriptions and her expression makes me make a movie in my head.

Anyways, I dressed as Ruby with my friend called ‘Maria’. She also likes Jaqualin Wilson and we kind of looked similar so we got the same outfit for us to wear.

It was such a great week! I wish it was book week every week!

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