Exhibition Week 1

This is our first week of the exhibition.

In my group, there is Cece, Marya, me, and Lisa. We are in a group of 4 and our topic is consumerism and materialism. I am very happy that I got chosen with these people and this topic.

Because first of all, I work very well with them and we cooperate very well, too. So that’s why our group name is the ‘Cooperators’. We listen to each other carefully and we all share our ideas. I am very glad.

Anyways, I wanted to say that so far, we are doing so good and I think everyone in our group is proud of each other. I am also proud of all my team members and also, myself. When it was time to research our topic, all of us got so many notes and a lot of things to share together.

I can’t wait until the last part of the exhibition when we will have all this knowledge and facts entered in our brain. When it’ll be easy peasy for us to explain what ‘consumerism’ and ‘materialism’ means!

Book Week

This week was book week. It is a week where we have DEAR time (Drop Everything And Read) for about 2~30 minutes. It was so fun and I enjoyed it because I usually enjoy reading and it is 1 of my favorite hobbies.

And my favorite part was the last day of book week, Thursday. Thursday is when we got to dress up as our favorite book character. I dressed up as Ruby from the book called ‘Double Act’ written by ‘Jaqualin Wilson’.

She is one of my favorite author because she writes with great descriptions and her expression makes me make a movie in my head.

Anyways, I dressed as Ruby with my friend called ‘Maria’. She also likes Jaqualin Wilson and we kind of looked similar so we got the same outfit for us to wear.

It was such a great week! I wish it was book week every week!

Racism Rap song

This is a rap song I made about the social issue, ‘racism’. Nowadays, racism is not the biggest issue happening in the world but before, racism was the biggest social issue. But still, it is very important that everyone gets treated equally so I care about it a lot. It’s called the “Equal Rights”.

Equal Rights

Why, Why, Why do people treat them different?  

We, We, We are all the same. Please don’t treat them different,

How would you feel, feel, feel if you get treated differently?

Everyone has the right to get food, a home, a family, a name.. 

We need to think, think, think,

Equal plus rights, Equal rights! We all need to get equal rights!


Grade 7 Ancient Egypt Presentation

A few days ago, our class went over to the grade 7’s presentation about the Ancient Egypt. Ms.Shricker, our teacher wanted us to kind of get ideas about what WE can also do in our exhibition. It was so cool to see how all of them were presented in different ways.

But there was 1 thing I thought it was very nice and if I could, I want to copy this idea. One group made a board game so that we don’t feel bored and to get us focus. That was really attractive. It also made things come in my mind better. Rather than just speaking, speaking, and speaking, like them, I want to get people attracted, focused, and actually teach them something.

I am really excited for the exhibition coming up. I wonder who I will be with and what I will do it about. I am really looking towards it.

Sports Day

On 2018, February, 22nd, it was sports day. Our class’ color was black so we had to be dressed in black. Our team name was the ‘blackberries’. Grade 5s and 4s did it at the same time but we were all doing different stuff at the same time. My favorite sport was the tug of war and capture the flag because in those games, we won every game. And that’s probably the reason why we were so happy in those games. Haha, but not just because of that, I liked that the most because I am also very good at it.

Sports day was such a great day. It was so much fun. I love how we can get time to play at school day all together like this. We get to stay healthy and have fun at the same time. Even though, some of the people in grade 5 were not having good sportsmanship. Next time, I hope we can have better sportsmanship and congrats the people that won and also for the teams that didn’t get 1st place. Everybody should be happy. I wish we had sports day every day.


Grade 5 Ecoventure Camp

Ecoventure Camp (Kayaking)

“Yay!” It was finally time to go kayaking! Yesterday, when we arrived at camp, all I had in my mind was kayaking because I’ve always wanted to try but I never had the chance to. Also because I just enjoy being in the water. And that is why I am on the swim team. Anyways, whenever someone talks about kayaking, my heart beats so fast and I get really excited.

Suddenly, the camp instructor called out, “holy moly!” and we replied back, “wacka moly!”. We all lined up and got ready to go kayaking. We got trained on how we can control our kayaks and got our kayaks ready.

We all got on the kayaks and each people got their own. We raced, tried some challenges like sitting on the front of the boat, standing on them, and even jumping on them.. It was so fun. We spent about 30 minutes like that.

When we got out of the water, we took a shower and headed out to eat our lunch.

Overall, Ecoventure camp was so much fun because we got to do fun activities and we also learned how teamwork is so important in our life. I learned that cooperating and communicating is the key  to figure things out. (most of the time)

HTWW- Reflection for Green Planet

Today we went to ‘Green Planet’ and we saw so much different kinds of animals. It was so interesting to see some animals camouflouge and look closely at how they look like. I learned 3 new facts there. The first one is that moths stay in their cacuns for lots of months (ect..5-6 months..) but when they come out, they only live for 5 days and die. The second one was that the animals also have relationships between certain animals. The three types of relationships were positive, negitive, and a neutral. The last one is that the ‘Dragon fish’ eats dead fishes and it was actually a very good thing. Without him eating dead fishes, the water will get polluted and not as healthy as it could be. It was a very cool experient. Some animals were familiar but some were not so it was so unque. But what I didnt really like about was that the other students were crowded on one thing so I couldn’t really see until everyone was gone. (Because everyone wanted to see the animal that the instructer was talking about.) I wish I could go again!