Queridos padres,

Wow! Time is flying by! The last two weeks have been a whirlwind in Spanish. I’m sure your child feels tired as I do, as we get more and more into the swing of things. Here is a brief update for Spanish class.

Grade 6 worked hard to finish their group projects in which they researched a Spanish-speaking country. They presented these projects/presentations to the class this week. I was very impressed with many of the posters and Google Slides presentations (a few pictured below). This project will go in the gradebook as an individual summative grade (1-7 scale). Many students worked very hard and really took leadership in their groups. Many groups coordinated to finish last minute details at lunch when I opened up my room, and many others had plenty of time to finish in class. Some students struggled to work well with others and manage their time. They also completed an honest self and peer evaluation that will count as a formative grade (a self-evaluation of how well they contributed to the group as a whole). These were very helpful for students to reflect on how they could grow next time they work with a group. It was also a good way for students to privately share if they felt they had taken on the bulk of the work in the group while others slacked off. Overall, I hope this experience serves to help these young men and ladies grow in skills that we use every day as adults when we must work with others in the workplace.


Grade 7 students have learned the alphabet and all numbers in Spanish, as well as greetings vocabulary. They had a summative quiz on this content this week, and began to work on learning how to describe people in Spanish as well as express the date. You should ask them to describe themselves! They’ve just learned a few key adjectives but we are already having fun playing “Guess Who” type games in which someone describes a student in the class or a teacher in personality and appearance and we guess who it is. I think they may be getting tired of my silly songs and dances to remember things like days of the week and months! 🙂 7th graders are also starting a small summative project in which they must create a presentation to introduce and describe themselves. I’m excited to see their final products!

Grade 8 has been reviewing lots of key grammar content from last year that is really foundational to all of the language. A thorough review has proved helpful as we move forward learning new types of verbs and new tenses in Spanish. These students have done a lot of practice with “Daily Routine” vocabulary and had a summative quiz on this vocab for the entire unit as well as some essential grammar from last year. We’ve begun to cover reflexive verbs, actions that you perform on yourself, a concept that doesn’t really exist in English. Students will be using this content to create a project/presentation for a summative grade to describe their daily routine.

I’ve also started to teach a 9th Grade beginners course. In this class, I’m enjoying getting to know these students and covering similar content at a slightly higher level as grade 7. They have had their first summative quiz and we are moving on to personal descriptions and a project next week.

Have a great weekend!