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How to respect people and yourself

I show self respect by being healthy and run,play sports e.g. eating healthy foods I respect my body and my health but I respect my friends and elders and anyone I say please and thank you I be kind by … Continue reading

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this is my reading reflection

here is my link to see my reflection

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1st trimester math

in math this trimester are: IN my school we learned about addiction for example 12 + 3 =15 We did graphs like we did size measurements of are class heads We did standard form like what is six hundred thousand … Continue reading

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new test music and hyper i love pokemon go

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hamdan frist test

hey guys welcome to my first test#1 I like Pokemon my fav is Charmander he is a fire lizard Pokemon but i also like gennija the frog ninja also fenkin and chespin.    

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