presive writing

so this my persuasive to stop animal abuse writing


m gonna persuade you to stop animal abuse these are the reasons, for example, it hurts the animals, it’s illegal, and would you like it if you were abused.I asked 15 students if they would stop animal abuse 15 said yes.i hope your not abusing your animal one time I saw an abused animal getting abused we saved him and gave my aunt the animal and named it should never abuse animals. If you witness animal abuse you should stop it or call the cops because it’s serious. so please stop animal abuse look at these animals getting hurt and some getting killed. I mostly feel bad for pit bulls because they get animal abused the most.


First reason

hurts the animals maybe the people kill the animals. One of the most common  ways is

Beating the animals to death then they eat them.people even make devices to hurt these animals it’s so painful right. it hurts physical and sometimes animals can understand what you say so never abuse animals it hurts them. One of the names of these devices are called Restraint Chairs people make painful devices to hurt these animals.don’t hurt your animal physical and emotionally or don’t hurt your animal in any way so please don’t abuse your don’t abuse an animal they get hurt. Stop animal abuse it really hurts and it’s painful and so many animals get hurt.

My second reason

It’s illegal the cops well send you to jail for five years so if your an animal abuse the police will get you and I’m gonna happy about that.and they’ll take your pet away and do you want that and you have to pay 1,000. It’s illegal in a lot of countries including the UAE it’s in law 18. Kids can go to jail for animal you can go to jail plus its really bad so stop animal abuse or you will go to jail in some countries like the stop animal abuse so you won’t go to jail.

My last reason

My last reason is would like being hurt in pain would you like being hurt every day of your life I bet you don’t.animals have no choice they cannot fight against a human and you can at least hurt a human.and if you hurt animals you will get’s painful just to see the animals getting abused would you like it if you got abused so it hurts it’s painful also humans have emotions so if you get abused and know that someone hates you-you will be mad or sad.

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