my decimal journey

in my school, we learned about decimal a decimal is basically 0.12 is 12 1.12 is 1.12 in measuring we can even use decimals like this is 8.3 this was unit 4 in math it was a fun was about 2 months and this is gonna be my reflection.

we learned a lot in this unit about hundredths I thought it was hundreds first like 100.23 the 1 is a hundred no I was wrong the 3 was the hundreds and 2 was the tenths so we learned a lot I even learned we used in cents for example 200 dirhams and 2 cents 200.2  in the beginning, I didn’t know what a decimal is now I know. .


this the ending of my blog and I’m gonna make a little question for you whats a tenth and whats a hunderths write in the comments.


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