My UOI Ad project

So hello welcome to my blog in school me, Piper and Sami  made our own company and called it…crazy cases we sell iPhone MacBook basically any devices cases it was fun but we had arguments but its ok in the end we had so much fun and we called the slogan crazy crazy cases .the way we voted on what to name it and other stuff this is my favorite project in grade  4.

We made a document, poster, a Google side and a poster we were focussed hard but sometimes we talked about games and we didn’t stay focused but then we have focussed. also, I did some work in home.I think we did the best on the slide because we worked most hard on it.we were creative because I didn’t see anyone make a doc or a slide. when I saw the other ones I think Abdullah Karl and Raza made an awesome because the ad attracted me to the cartoon.

I felt proud of making my company ad because it ended well and it looks awesome so I really love this project I saw so much nice comments so I felt proud and happy. See you next time on Hamdan blog hope you enjoyed.


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