• this week in uoi we learned about adverts it’s a really nice unit we listened-
  • to radio adverts and we said is this a good ad this is a bad ad  and such
  • I was surprised that ads were made for 300 years.
  • I think ads are  important because people wouldn’t  know the thing so there will be lots of poor people
  • want to share the ad below because it’s funny  and its cool but its too long  also I loved all the different people this ad also it attracts the people because it has a puppy and a baby - by EVIAN – Baby&Me
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2 Responses to Advertising

  1. ueljaoussi2026 says:

    I think you were amazing Hamdan but my advice is just next time don’t go off the topic like stay on the topic and keep talking about it and in the end when you’re done you can write about a new topic.

  2. yalhusari2026 says:

    I like this blog because it tells me so much details.

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