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hi, guys, it’s me, Hamdan, we made a book in school its realistic fiction. it was are the first term and I will show you the story and I worked hard on it. the main character is called barry because the name is also my favourite comic book characters name w worked on it for two weeks and it’s my favourite thing we made in school so far and we will end the unit.    but I hope you like it write down%comment  if I should add stuff and improve also I choose it because I was really creative in it also my task is to write your own I also really love the book and I’m gonna make  part to called the trip to Switzerland.i love writing books or blogs we worked one hour every day I wrote the beginning a one thousand times. i love my school and writing class.

i love the third unit. because i love writing realistic fiction or fiction, in general, i even write in my house for 3 hours just for fun i also read for 1-hour

despitcon: berry and his friend Lilly go o a journey to Maldives what will happen.

Trip to Maldives

by Hamdan Muaath Al Merri.


It was three pm Barry was sleeping. “Ahhh” Barry was screaming.

“Barry why are you screaming” Barry’s mom was screaming through the hallways she was cooking for Barry’s dad a pancake. “It’s just a nightmare,” Barry said as he turned on the t.v it was a documentary about Maldives.”OK Honey” said Barry’s mom said.Mom, I want to travel to the Maldives. “No maybe it’s dangerous”mom said.” ok fine i hate you anyways “Barry whispered.. He texted to Lily” come now or i will kill you come to my house so we can go to Maldives with my dad’s’, yacht. “Shesh  i will come”.  Yoga lets do some yoga the tv was on.”when will she come it’s been two hours “ Barry said in a inpatient voice repeatedly.

“Hey I’m here let’s go now and it was only twenty minutes, not two hours”.


After an hour they begin pushing the boat it worked they hopped on.” thanks Lilly for coming”. But Lilly started to vomit.’ Oh no oh no bad start breath in and out “.after 4 minutes it stopped. “Finally,” Barry said in relief. “What happened I’m having a headache am I dying oh no ahh “ Lilly said.”your not dying don’t be silly Lilly,” Barry said as he was trying to sleep.it’s the night now lets sleep,” Barry said.

“I’m gonna do my homework“.said Lilly.: Lame your lame lilly so lame that the world will explode of your lameness” said Barry in a creepy singing voice. “Soo bored we are barely *vomits*Lilly said.”I’m getting sick of you vomiting,” Barry said. “It’s not my fault” she slaps him after fifty seconds of silence really hard. he punches her face.


“ I’m going to the driver’s seat “and sleeping on the couch bye he carries his sleeping bag. “I hate him but he did help me in math class yesterday,” she thinks while banging the boat, BOOM BOOM it was a large sound.Barry remembered the day Lilly dyed his hair blue yesterday while he was sleeping he laughed loudly.”I’m sorry Barry” Lilly said. “I’m sorry too”.” also did you clean her the boat because it’s clean as a new car,”Lilly said.”yes i did but i think we should  sleep right now I’m so sleepy but scared because what if”Barry said

“Shh no what ifs its blah blah and don’t worry about nothing now we well slowly reach ok,” Lilly says in a calm voice it’s a voice soft voice soft as a teddy bear or the softest voice”.Barry sleeps and lily

The next day Barry woke up early may be at six thirty am now it’s eight zero

Loud thunder BANG BANG it was loud as a tiggers roar.Ahh, Lilly screams she sees the thunder and hurricane and said “let’s run i see a thunder and lightning and hurricanes I think there is a hiding base or something”.”there is but i don’t remember where to let’s look for it “Barry said.”Barry finds keys and jiggles them and unlocks the base”.`They go inside its dusty like an old haunted house. They find food and eat it it was it was salt and vinegar they sleep.

THEY CRASH its loud BANG BANG they woke up and they saw the Maldives and both shouted “Yessssss!”.

They went to the island and then found a guide he said hi where is your money to enter the hotel of Maldives it costs eleven thousand.Barry’s mom called and was worried she “I know you’re in the Maldives we are living there too we went on an aeroplane go to room thirty.It was on speaker so he let them in and they said “hi I’m so sleepy” Lilly said. Barry said same but I love this room mom I love You’.there brothers and sisters were there.they went to sleep there.Their whole life they go to other countries and even found a new one new animal species.

i hope you love this book.


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