im a innovtror the comic

Yesterday in UOI in school we made something an  innovation.  do you want to know what 2 kids made read more then.

me and Parsa were still thinking about an idea tick tock the clock were running out of time i say.  then we thought of an idea the drink machine let me explain .are you lazy to put water or any drink into a cup its ok just fill the jug.  the starw can reach to the cup its cool there is also a tube so it can reach the tube is made out of starw so we can drink ALSO its for kids hows parrents dont let them put a drink into a cup. any size and any age can use i recomnd moms to use becuase for babies they can spill anytime.

me and parsa made it yeserday in school  it  gonna be called drinsip becuase drink to drin sip. i love it it was made out of starw,cups,palsic bags.i love it it also can clean up if it spills . i think it should be for ages 9-0 i might make  an animal version becuase my cat i felt happy in the end becuase i think its an  good idea.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      i

i had tape all on myself we sure did alot of tapes but in the end its worth it.  we took some photos. i relly want to use it im drinking milk chocolate becuase i drink lots i told parsa that in the end of the day.  what do you think about my proget comment down.





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