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HOW to respact otheres

say sorry if you hurt them don’t kick punch them violence is not the answer don’t hurt there feeling don’t make fun of them don’t disrespect there home like if you have to take off your shoes you have too do be caring and respect … Continue reading

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im a innovtror the comic

Yesterday in UOI in school we made something an  innovation.  do you want to know what 2 kids made read more then. me and Parsa were still thinking about an idea tick tock the clock were running out of time … Continue reading

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How to respect people and yourself

I show self respect by being healthy and run,play sports e.g. eating healthy foods I respect my body and my health but I respect my friends and elders and anyone I say please and thank you I be kind by … Continue reading

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this is my reading reflection

here is my link to see my reflection

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1st trimester math

in math this trimester are: IN my school we learned about addiction for example 12 + 3 =15 We did graphs like we did size measurements of are class heads We did standard form like what is six hundred thousand … Continue reading

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new test music and hyper i love pokemon go

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hamdan frist test

hey guys welcome to my first test#1 I like Pokemon my fav is Charmander he is a fire lizard Pokemon but i also like gennija the frog ninja also fenkin and chespin.    

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