child rights unit

dear readers,

so this unit was about child rights basically this unit is about children not having rights, for example, children not getting to go to school or children going to work.

and we made a project and that project was us acting as a helper or a kid that doesn’t have a lot of rights I was a helper on save the children they save the child with no rights and I made a video click on it and see.

I have starred a star is my research and explaining

a wish is my speaking I got nervous and I didn’t get my photos

next time i want to speak properly

we learned a lot of stuff like people in danger just to get to school and to be thankfull and to help people

an action i took is that i donated money and clothes

so this the end of my blog i hope you action and donate to poor people


 my movie video 

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uoi reflct

in my school, we learned about energy I loved this unit the thing I most enjoyed about this unit is my project basically I wrote a story about energy mixed with pokemon and energy. I also learned to not waste energy like close your lights when you’re not using them etc.

I’m really proud of my myself when I was presenting my energy summit because I worked hard on it. I learned a lot about fossil fuels a con of fossil fuels is that it causes global warming. I honestly think that I shouldn’t have wasted my time like, for example, is that I was researching too much and didn’t write my final page but I and it using my last page so that had a happy ending.

i really like unit it is my second favoite grade 4 unit i my frist is kinda sad thist unit is ending.

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presive writing

so this my persuasive to stop animal abuse writing


m gonna persuade you to stop animal abuse these are the reasons, for example, it hurts the animals, it’s illegal, and would you like it if you were abused.I asked 15 students if they would stop animal abuse 15 said yes.i hope your not abusing your animal one time I saw an abused animal getting abused we saved him and gave my aunt the animal and named it should never abuse animals. If you witness animal abuse you should stop it or call the cops because it’s serious. so please stop animal abuse look at these animals getting hurt and some getting killed. I mostly feel bad for pit bulls because they get animal abused the most.


First reason

hurts the animals maybe the people kill the animals. One of the most common  ways is

Beating the animals to death then they eat them.people even make devices to hurt these animals it’s so painful right. it hurts physical and sometimes animals can understand what you say so never abuse animals it hurts them. One of the names of these devices are called Restraint Chairs people make painful devices to hurt these animals.don’t hurt your animal physical and emotionally or don’t hurt your animal in any way so please don’t abuse your don’t abuse an animal they get hurt. Stop animal abuse it really hurts and it’s painful and so many animals get hurt.

My second reason

It’s illegal the cops well send you to jail for five years so if your an animal abuse the police will get you and I’m gonna happy about that.and they’ll take your pet away and do you want that and you have to pay 1,000. It’s illegal in a lot of countries including the UAE it’s in law 18. Kids can go to jail for animal you can go to jail plus its really bad so stop animal abuse or you will go to jail in some countries like the stop animal abuse so you won’t go to jail.

My last reason

My last reason is would like being hurt in pain would you like being hurt every day of your life I bet you don’t.animals have no choice they cannot fight against a human and you can at least hurt a human.and if you hurt animals you will get’s painful just to see the animals getting abused would you like it if you got abused so it hurts it’s painful also humans have emotions so if you get abused and know that someone hates you-you will be mad or sad.

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my decimal journey

in my school, we learned about decimal a decimal is basically 0.12 is 12 1.12 is 1.12 in measuring we can even use decimals like this is 8.3 this was unit 4 in math it was a fun was about 2 months and this is gonna be my reflection.

we learned a lot in this unit about hundredths I thought it was hundreds first like 100.23 the 1 is a hundred no I was wrong the 3 was the hundreds and 2 was the tenths so we learned a lot I even learned we used in cents for example 200 dirhams and 2 cents 200.2  in the beginning, I didn’t know what a decimal is now I know. .


this the ending of my blog and I’m gonna make a little question for you whats a tenth and whats a hunderths write in the comments.


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So my favorite series is archie/riverdale it is so interesting pops burgers coming up that is the slogan it’s a nice slogan also i love it because characters,humor and the is just so awesome i love the mystery alot


My first reason is that i love archie/riverdale is that  i love the characters because of there interesting backstory i remember feeling really sad when reading veronica and jugheads backstory. also the character development like first of all is cheryl i think she has the biggest character. development people think its betty i think its cheryl because her brother dead and she is very sad she is still mean tho people think she is evil. but her brother and dad are dead salso jughead his father is a criminal and his sister is lost. buy betty also had a big one because she has a side called bad betty.  archie is my least favorite character because he has no flaws. I love the serpent’s because they have a big character devlopment.To think of it jughead had a bad change he used to be my favorite character but when he became a serpent i hated and when he broke up with betty. I also love how betty’s mom you see her as the perfect life and girly then she is a criminal also how her daughter is a serpent. I hate how archie is cheating and is being mean but for once in ep10 he was smart because he knew they didn’t catch the black i’m writing this i realize that i’m gonna watch ep 11 after this  because it comes every thursday. Also i hate hermione lodge and hiram lodge they are parents of one of my fave characters.i remember crying when i saw a chic’s backstory he never got adopted or taken care somebody it’s because his mom sent him away because she didn’t know how to take care of a baby because she was young. I hate archie’s backstory


The second reason i love archie and riverdale comics is the humor.For  example is when archie falls he is dumb and clumsy and that is funny like when he slipped and broke veronica mansion.Also i love how cheryl is mean to others like she can make good roast even tho it’s bad to laugh i still laugh like when she is like “sho now ugly faces”.also betty’s facial expressions are weird like her face and her eyebrows move weirdly.also

I also like jugheads sarcasm. Also when kevin is like “just talk about how attractive am”.also when veronica just slams people into the wall and she says to cheryl”i don’t care if your specialty is ice mine is fire”and how she is also with toni.sweetpea’s smile is creepy and funny.i also like the hiram and archie humor like its funny i remember when i was watching riverdale i fell of my chair like hiram says he doesn’t want archie to date his daughter and archie tries to impress’s funny when jughead had a dream and it was a weird dream and funny.but the funniest character is archie because he is clumsy.

The least funniest character is toni topaz because she is a new character but i don’t see her making me laugh which is not a really popular opinion



My main reason is that its mysterious its spooky and of course the detectives. Like who killed Jason the mystery was solved by Veronica,Archie,Jughead and Betty and of course JASON’S Sister i wasn’t very surprised that the killer was the dad because so much clues .i felt bad for cheryl because the killer is her took 12 months to solve it. Also it was hard because so much people say the killer was dark betty no it it wasn’t i was right .i hate how penlope knew and she didn’t tell anyone it was her son.the cop barely did crime solving. Too be honest i kinda thought the killer was hal but know. its season 2 i think the new killer is hal because hal cooper is the dad of betty and the killer said that betty is the best.or maybe people think it’s chic cooper but i don’t agree because he is new and he only meet betty just like 5 days and the new killer the black hood just killed 3 months ago.also only betty and archie are doing the work. They caught the killer but archie said that the killer is still here and they caught the wrong one i agree with him.because the janitor is old and has no fingers so how is he the killer see its mystery. i think it’s hal because the same eyes the same hair the same the voice.also the killings in 1790 in pickens day  the mayor long time ago  was the people stand up to the mayor. but when Cheryl was standing up too was awesome because the old mayor who killed was her grandpa and she knew so she became good.but who chopped the statue of pickens head ithink its cheryl because she  stood up to him and hated him but people think its jughead or black hood.


To conclude I love archie/riverdale it is funny, mysterious and  has cool characters.i mostly love it because the favorite character is jughead and veronica.

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I col decided to share my uoi country ad my country was UAE I really enjoyed this I think I was really creative. but I think I could improve with more colours not only yellow I don’t even yellow it’s my least favourite colour.


I think it is my  2 favourite because I my first is our own company it was fun to do because I love drawing and ads and my country.i really think that it was fun also it showed how I improved.









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MATH Unit 3

So in math, we learned about prime and composite, fractions, and sums. This was my favourite math unit so far.We learned so much but my favourite part was prime and composite I was so good at it at least I think am. before I didn’t even know the word prime nor composite.

The difficult part was divide and time I barely know anything about timing and dividing. Also of crouse, the easy one was prime and composite.Did you know 1 isn’t prime or composite? well, I didn’t know in the beginning I didn’t know.I can’t believe I didn’t like math now I love it.

I feel like this is the best math unit it was nice but I wish I was better at dividing and timing.

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My UOI Ad project

So hello welcome to my blog in school me, Piper and Sami  made our own company and called it…crazy cases we sell iPhone MacBook basically any devices cases it was fun but we had arguments but its ok in the end we had so much fun and we called the slogan crazy crazy cases .the way we voted on what to name it and other stuff this is my favorite project in grade  4.

We made a document, poster, a Google side and a poster we were focussed hard but sometimes we talked about games and we didn’t stay focused but then we have focussed. also, I did some work in home.I think we did the best on the slide because we worked most hard on it.we were creative because I didn’t see anyone make a doc or a slide. when I saw the other ones I think Abdullah Karl and Raza made an awesome because the ad attracted me to the cartoon.

I felt proud of making my company ad because it ended well and it looks awesome so I really love this project I saw so much nice comments so I felt proud and happy. See you next time on Hamdan blog hope you enjoyed.


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  • this week in uoi we learned about adverts it’s a really nice unit we listened-
  • to radio adverts and we said is this a good ad this is a bad ad  and such
  • I was surprised that ads were made for 300 years.
  • I think ads are  important because people wouldn’t  know the thing so there will be lots of poor people
  • want to share the ad below because it’s funny  and its cool but its too long  also I loved all the different people this ad also it attracts the people because it has a puppy and a baby - by EVIAN – Baby&Me
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====================My Best UOI Work==========================

our central idea in uoi was the world changes due to natural processes er learned that a mountain cant last forever because of ice wedging and root wedging do you agree also because of water I didn’t know water is that strong even in Pokemon they taught me that because water beats rock and ground like in real life.

  • i learned that a mountain doesn’t last forever because of ice and root wedging
  • also that a volcano can only pop up with other volcanoes or the ring of fire

a piece of work i want to share is below i choose it because it is about innovations  and its fun how you can draw I enjoyed it because you can create a machine you can use and make in the future

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