May 10

Exhibition is Done!!!-Reflection

After 7-8 long weeks of Exhibition, we are done! This very exciting news that I want to share with everyone I had a lot of fun and I would like to tell you (people who don’t even exist since no one reads my blog) about my exhibition, and how fun it was. I also want to tell you about how we did it.

My topic was Electronic Device Addiction. In the first few weeks, we were tuning in which included making our lines of inquiry which are the main things that we are going to study. Our LOIs (lines of inquiries) were, How do devices affect us differently in different stages of life, How do we minimize the harmful effects of Electronic devices, How do devices affect us physically, mentally, and emotionally. Another important thing that we needed to do while tuning was picking our transdisciplinary theme which are Sharing the Planet, How we Express Ourselves, How the world works, Who We Are, Where we are in Place and Time, and How We Organize Ourselves. Our transdisciplinary theme was Sharing the Planet. Another thing that was important to decide was our key concepts which are, causation, form, perspective, function, reflection, responsibility, connection, and change. Our 3 key concepts were, causation, responsibility, and change.

Then what we needed to do was find sources for our research, but I was more excited about the research itself. I had a hard time finding 2 sources for each line of inquiry, but eventually, I got them. Then I took notes which was one of the most fun parts in my opinion because I learnt more about my topic. I was trying to find good information about my LOIs in my sources. I found new sources when I would type in my LOI into google. I learnt lots of new interesting facts while researching which I enjoyed and I liked passing on some interesting information about my problem to get people to stop.

One of the most fun parts of Exhibition was making an action and doing it. At first, we thought the best action was to convince Mr. Dorn and the others that work in the Elementary office to make there be a day where No electronic devices can be used so we can learn to sometimes open a book instead of the internet, or write on a piece of paper instead of type on a MacBook. Then we decided that we won’t do it , because it was for school and there were a lot less bad effects. Then we decided on making a video on the very harmful effects of electronic devices, in the video we challenge them to not use their devices at home for 1-2 days. We also included in the video that we will be on the playground at their recess for us to show them what they can do instead of using devices. We also wanted to do a different action (we did both) which is going to restaurants and give them this idea of putting a box in the center of a table, and people put their phones inside of it. If people don’t use their phones they get a discount. The point is that people talk to each other instead of staring at their phones.

Writing my Research report was the last thing I needed to do before presenting and taking my interview. It was actually pretty easy especially with the template my teacher gave me and the use of (which is a website for easily making a bibliography). It was actually enjoyable.

Presenting was stressful, and enjoyable. I liked sharing my information and spreading the message which was the overuse of devices is bad and it can affect us horribly in my ways, but if it’s not overused it is completely ok. I felt not sure of what people would think about our board, and about our way of presenting. I was determined to make sure that what we did is good so I can get a good grade. I felt in the end that what I did was very good, and people liked it.

I enjoyed exhibition a lot it was a very nice experience that I learnt a lot of things including things about working in a group, finding information, and presenting (and making) a presentation. I really like the whole process of how it worked, and I hope that all future fifth graders enjoy exhibition like I did.

March 22

A new Home for the cats

Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary in Jacksonville, Florida, is a “forever home for big cats that need someplace to go,” says Kurt Lessenthien. This place is home to many different cats like tigers, lions, cougars, leopards, and these types of big cat friends.

Catty shack takes in many cats like ones that are mistreated in zoos and other places or are sick or don’t have a home, but Catty shack is always ready to take them in to give them a forever home.“If an animal needs a place to go, we will consider getting it and bringing it here,” Lessenthien said during a recent interview. when the reporter who went to Catty shack (I am getting this from a news report from KID REPORTERS’ NOTEBOOK) She saw many tigers like Dozer, Spiderman, Athena, Hercules, and Nero. She says some of the tigers recognized the person working there and reacted when they saw.

I think Catty shack is a very good nice organization in my opinion and it is very kind of those people in Catty shack to take care of all these needy cats. Whenever there is a cat in need they Catty shack is always ready to take it in.

March 21


At school, we just started exhibition. If you don’t know what exhibition is basically when you research a problem with a group usually and you present though it is way bigger and more of a big deal than it sounds. In my school, we always do it at grade 5 at the end of the year which is a big part of your grade.

We are only through the first 2 weeks of exhibition (which is about 7-8 weeks 1-2 months) this is just tuning in and finding out we mostly just learning about our key concepts, figuring out our transdisciplinary themes, figure out our lines of inquiry, finding sources of information, thinking of actions. My group has done most of these things not including figuring out our action. I think we are doing very good but one of our problems is that some of us are not so motivated to do our work. I am very happy and excited about this and something I really like is that we get to chose our topic, chose our own transdisciplinary themes, chose our own key concepts, and other stuff but now we get to decide which is interesting and apparently you get to plan your own felid trips (that I learnt last year).

I am very happy and excited about exhibition and I am very happy it has started and I am enjoying it so far. This is very enjoyable and I am glad I have the chance to take action. Also, I hope good luck to everyone else who is doing exhibition and the people who are going to do exhibtion later on.

March 18

Let’s move on

I have given you a lot of division problems but let’s just move onto fractions woohoo not that exciting but math is fun in my opinion.

Adam had a pizza (split into 8 pieces) he had to share with Hussein Adam took 6 pieces Hussein pointed out that he took more than him and it wasn’t fair he said that Adam took 5/8 but Adam said he took 7/8. Who is correct?

A. Adam                         B. Hussein                         C. Both                         D. Neither

Adam gave back the pieces and thought for a very long time then he took 4 pieces instead. he figured that he had taken 4/8 he said, “ok now it’s fair”. Hussein who always likes to make things complicated said, Adam, took 3/6.  Who do you think got the right answer?

A. Adam                         B. Hussein                         C. Both                         D. Neither

They had agreed on the answer and what’s fair so then they ate their slices but Adam had a big appetite because he didn’t eat breakfast so he ordered another pizza Hussein thought that wasn’t a good idea. Though Hussein who was ALMOST full thought he could eat a couple of slices if Adam doesn’t finish it after all they were very thin pieces of pizza. Adam said, “I’ll take 10 slices then you can have the rest. Hussein said, “is that even possible hmm no it definitely isn’t”. Adam disagreed. These people just can’t stop arguing. Who do you think is correct?

A. Adam                         B. Hussein                         C. Both                         D. Neither

So they kept on arguing but Hussein came to his senses and explained to Adam why they can’t do that and they came to a decision. After that Adam ate the WHOLE pizza and he felt sick he threw up 6 of the 8 pieces he just ate. Hussein was so annoyed he was raging. He knew that he shouldn’t have eaten all that pizza. so when he saw Adam was throwing up 1 piece at a time he said, “you threw up 6/8 of the pizza you just ate which is equivalent to 12/16” Adam growled he said, “why do you have to add math and fractions to everything”. “Well, duhh math and fractions are fun”. “No, they’re not ok maybe they do a little but you know what I mean”, said Adam, ” plus everyone knows that 6/8 is equivalent to 3/4 instead”. “here we go again”🙄. Who do you think is correct?

A. Adam                         B. Hussein                         C. Both                         D. Neither

Well, they came to an agreement and Adam said, “well now let’s agree to only argue 25% of the time ok”. “Which is equal to 1/4 right”, says Hussein .”Yeah”. “Wow we are agreeing on something “, says Hussein who is very surprised. Do you agree with them?

A. Yes                         B. No

Include why.

March 9

Literacy Festival in the Dedham library

On March 3, in the Dedham library in Massachusetts, that over 100 people came to see was the literacy festival where many authors came. This is an event that I want to or (have to) tell you about.

They made three parts where each authors form these genres go to is fantasy, contemporary fiction, and science fiction. The people from the fantasy section talked about why they loved to write about fantasy. “I can do the most surprising things and never get bored,” said Tui Sutherland the author of wings of fire.

The people from the contemporary fiction section talked about the characters in the books Susan Tan the author of Cilla Lee-Jenkins: Future Author Extraordinaire, said “I was an outspoken kid, and I didn’t have hair until I was four years old,”.

Anna Staniszewski (The Dirt Diary series and Once Upon a Cruise) said that her characters are from the top of her mind and that they don’t have anything to do with real life people said,“They’re based on middle-school drama,” Staniszewski said. “It’s balanced by humor and a little bit of magic.”

Victoria Coe the author of of the Fenway and Hatties series,“If a dog could share its perspective, it’s pretty realistic,” she said. “Exploring different points of view makes you a better friend and listener.”

March 5

My Favorite Book

One of my favorite books is Harry Potter so I chose that book to write about by the way I can’t decide which book to do it on so I decided I would do it on the whole series. I love this book, because of the story, the mystery, the unexpected truth, the magic that what make s so amazing. Like when we find out (spoiler alert!!!) that Mad-eye Moody is actually (spoiler alert!!!) Barty Crouch’s son Barty Crouch (they have the same name) that has had Polyjuice potion and the real teacher was locked in a suitcase for one year. This is definitely very unexpected. Another example is the mystery that shows if Professor Snape is a Death Eater or a real member of the order of that Phoenix that is actually trying to help.

Something else that I want to talk about is the theme of the story. I personally think that it is about bravery and friendship. I agree with this because there is a lot of evidence behind it like when Harry saved from living a few or more years of living with the Malfoys Dobby even though Dobby almost killed him by trying to save him. Another piece of evidence is that none of the friends leave each other behind, and they always have each other’s backs if someone says something mean they defend each other they never leave someone in danger. All the time Harry and all the other character on his side sacrifice something precious (probably mostly their lives) like when Sirius Black fell down that hole while fighting to defend other which was fatal. Harry tried to sacrifice himself because he thought that would help kill Lord Voldemort. this is why I think the of the Harry Potter books is about bravery and friendship.

I want to move on to the characters and their characteristics one of the ones I find interesting is Professor Dumbledore’s. Firstly he is very weird sometimes you have to admit who desires a pair of woolen socks the most other than Dumbledore? Secondly, he is such a good smart selfless(ish) person who was a selfish smart person that was friend with a future evil wizard that definitely had a bad influence on him now he can see right through someone’s future. Another two interesting characters are Mr. Dursley and Mrs. Dursley. I really don’t see how and why they hate magic they should be proud, not disgusted. Even if they don’t like magic they should still love their nephew. Lastly, I’m very interested in Hermione she had a very nosy, annoying, know-it-all, but she changed ever since Harry and Ron saved her life. Still, know she likes to take so many subjects including muggle studies which is ridiculous because she is a muggle-born. She needed to travel back in time to get to all her classes. She is too smart she studies things she will need to know for N.E.W.Ts but hasn’t even started on O.W.Ls.

This is my writing on the book I chose for the homework I hope might encourage people to read the books though I said a lot of spoilers I think you’ll forget if you wait for a while. By the way, everything I just wrote is a reason why I love Harry Potter books. I highly suggest them for the fourth grade or above though if you start reading at fourth or fifth grade (depending on your reading level) you should start reading with an adult or a teacher then read alone. This also gets your reading level upon reading and possibly on writing.


March 3

Grade 7 Presentation on Ancient Egypt

About a week or a week and a half ago grade 7 had a presentation they had to make in groups about ancient Egypt they invited us to come, and see how their presentation was. We graded it I liked the presentations and, I learned a lot of things about the gods, calendar, medicine, and stuff like that. One of the things I learned is that they have two calendars the Lunar calendar and the Solar calendar. The Solar calendar is about 365 days long (the calendar that we use) and, the Lunar calendar is 29 ½ days long.

Indeed, the presentation is a great example of what our exhibition project is like that we are starting. They showed us many examples of how we can present our work, like one group made a book that had all of the information written inside of it, with a model of a mummy. We can make something similar but not the same so we can have ideas of our own not taking theirs but using it as an inspiration that will help us come up with our own ideas.

However, really liked the presentation and I hope it will help me with my future presentations. Though I feel that many people are using the make a book idea. I saw 2 group’s presentations, and they both had the same idea(ish).I enjoyed learning about ancient Egypt and doing their quizzes and games. That really inspired me and gave me ideas of what I can do in future presentations of my own.

March 2

Math,Math,Math Division🤓

Math, Math, Math Division🤓


I know this like the third time I did this, but listen I need to get my homework done. Just so you know  I do not enjoy making these useless blog entries about math I want to do something more interesting like the one out the Mona Lisa or camp. I feel really weird because I’m writing this as if I was talking to someone no one even checks anyone’s blog, not even my teachers so if one person is taking their time and energy to read this boring thing. Thank you but that happening is very unlikely. Anyways another 5 long division problems.


  1. Piece of cake: 37/6 = ?          2. Easy: 235/5 = ?          3. Medium: 697/9                             4. Harder: 892/63 = ?          5. Hard: 2359/108
February 28


Recently about a week ago we had Sports day which was ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING SCHOOL DAYS. We did a lot of fun activities, and I am so excited to tell you about it. In the end, I will tell you which team won.

At Sports day there were three teams the black team (class 5SS), blue team (class 5EY my class), and red team (class 5SR). Each class was split into 4 groups we all had numbers for our groups, so group 1 from 5EY is against the group 1 in 5SS and 5SR, group 2 from 5SS will be with group 2 from 5EY and 5SR, etc. We all do activities and whichever team does better, faster, and has the best sportsmanship gets more points.

Many of the activities were, throwing a frisbee (whichever team throws the farthest wins), javelin throwing (same as frisbee throwing), an activity where you need to fill up a container with water using a sponge, tug of war, and more. My favorite activities were Tug of war, Crossfire this game where you need to get to the other did if you’re tagged you sit wait until someone tags you and throwing frisbees.

Indeed, Sports day was incredible, Though it was very tiring, and I look forward to Sports day next year (if there is one), and I hope for whoever has Sports day enjoys it very much like I did. Though Sports day tired me out a lot. By the way, 5EY (my class) WON!!!!

February 24

A very interesting artwork

the Mona Lisa is probably the most famous piece of art in the world. Everybody knows it even I the person who can be given a list of 50 famous artworks and probably only identify a few (literally) know it.

As you probably know it is painted by Leonardo Da Vinci with oil paint, in 1503. It is not for sale but its value is $620,000,000, and It is presented in Louvre museum in Paris.

This painting is very famous for many reasons like, the look on her face, the smile, her eyes that make it look lit she is looking at you wherever you go these things help, but one of the biggest reason is that in 1911 Vincenzo Peruggia stole the Mona Lisa in Louvre. This made the Mona Lisa very famous there was a search for it for over 2 years then they found it.

I think the Mona Lisa is very nice beautiful interesting painting that inspired many artists other than Leonardo Da Vinci to make amazing pieces of artwork like he did.