Friday, 3rd November 2017

What a short but action packed we had! We finished up with Art this week, presenting our final projects to other classes in the school, and will now begin our 4 weeks of Music lessons.  Students need to bring in their recorders everyday starting this Sunday. This week we also started our new unit by tuning into our central idea, ‘Matter changes.’ This unit falls under the transdisciplinary theme of ‘How the world works’ and is our first science unit of the year! We have lots of Mystery Science experiments that will get well under way starting next week.

In Literacy, we will begin to explore informational texts. We will inquire into the different features of these texts and how we can begin to apply our knowledge to create our own.  Our writing for the next 6 weeks will be directly linked to our Unit of Inquiry.  We will continue our book clubs this upcoming week and dive into developing theories and debating our opinions related to themes we’re uncovering in our novels.

In Math, we will continue to work with double digit multiplication and check the reasonableness of our answers by rounding and estimating. We will also review addition and subtraction of decimals and apply problem solving skills to solve and create our own real life math problems.

This week Grade 5 completed their last Bullying Prevention lesson of the Second Step Bullying Curriculum and the focus was on Cyber Bullying.  Click here for your home link.

Important Reminders:

-Recorders need to be brought in every day for Music class starting this Sunday

-All school supplies (laptops, headphones, water bottles, pencil cases, etc.) need to be labelled with your child’s name and homeroom class.

Thursday, 12th October, 2017

Grade 5 have had a great week! In Unit of Inquiry, we learned various research techniques and applied these while researching our lines of inquiry. Students collected and organized data and will decide how to represent their research next week. This could be in any format the students choose, as long as they apply their skills of time management in order to complete it in time. This could include a google site, a poster, powerpoint, video, etc.  It will be a busy week in UOI!

In Math, students completed their summative test for Unit 1 and pre-test for Unit 2.  Next week we will go full swing into unit 2 by starting with multi digit addition and subtraction and applying these skills to solve word problems.  We will explore estimation and find how this supports our ability to do mental arithmetic.

In Writers’ Workshop, Grade 5 have been honing their writing skills by taking a seed idea and letting it grow and develop through rewrites, editing and reviewing to ensure they’ve raised the level of their personal narratives.  Next week we will continue to develop our narratives, celebrate our successes and highlight areas for improvement.

In Readers’ Workshop, we have been using our knowledge of writing in order to critically analyze fictional stories. We are doing so by comparing and contrasting, ranking parts of the story, investigating emotions and finding evidence to support our ideas and opinions. Next week we will begin our Book Clubs. Students will investigate what makes a meaningful and helpful discussion, they will discuss their exceptions of their book club members and consider the importance of accountability.  Students will agree on how much will be read of their novel each night in order to have a meaningful discussion the following day in Readers’ Workshop.

Map Testing

Children will have their Science make up test next week.  This is for students who were out on Sunday or did not finish. Please remind them to make sure that their macbook is fully charged when they come to school.

Bullying Prevention

This week Grade 5 completed Lesson 2 of 4 of the Second Step Bullying Curriculum and the focus was on Bystanders and having Empathy.  Please have a look here to discuss at home.

Important Dates

Sunday October 15th – Home Learning Due

Thursday October 26th – Halloween Parade


Thursday, 21st September 2017

What’s going on in Grade 5

Grade 5 students have had a great and busy second week of school.  We started tuning in to our new unit about Where We Are in Place and Time.  More specifically, we started to unpack our central idea, ‘Exploration changes our understanding.’ Students had some great insight and burning questions to start the unit off.  We are narrowing our focus through the concept lens of Perspective, Connection and Change in order to develop a deeper understanding of this big idea.

In Math, we reviewed and began to extend our knowledge of factors, divisibility rules of 1, 2, 5 and 10 and will use this knowledge to strengthen our understanding of composite and prime numbers.  This will continue into next week where students will apply their knowledge and skills to problem solve.

In Language, assessments have been taken for reading and writing and we will be fully into the Reading and Writing Workshops next week.

What’s coming up in Grade 5

MAP Testing: This week coming, we will be MAP testing on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Please ensure, as always, your child brings in their Macbook and has downloaded NWEA lockdown browser.  Click here if you haven’t done so already.

Swimming: Grade 5 will start swimming lessons on Sunday, 24th September.  Please remind your child to come prepared everyday with their swim kit. Click here for a letter from Mr. Rob: Welcome Swim Letter

Wizard of Oz: UAS is lucky to be hosting a drama presentation, this Thursday, 28th September, of the Wizard of Oz.

Back to School Night: This will take place on October 2nd.  Please do attend, its a chance to learn more about the Grade 5 teaching team and what the year will look like for you and your child.

We’ve had a fun two weeks so far–here are some photos!