Just Days to Go Before Ecoventure!

We have had a busy couple of weeks in Grade 5, from long division, to writing breaking news stories, to reading aloud on World Read Aloud Day, but everyone is excited to head to Ecoventure next week!

Remember that there is NO SCHOOL on Sunday, 11 February, as teachers will be engaged in professional development.

Here is a letter about the Ecoventure field trip which is from Tuesday to Thursday.  Come to school at the normal time on Tuesday–don’t be late!  The plan is to return to UAS in time for dismissal on Thursday.  Need the shopping list and itinerary again?  Here you go!

Did you really want homework?  Please visit your teacher’s Google Classroom page for a menu you can edit, or use the Home Learning sidebar on the left.  Of course you could just click here.


Ecoventure Roommate Requests

Grade 5 students are invited to request roommates for the Ecoventure trip.  Please visit your teacher’s Google Classroom site for a link to an online form that you can use to make your requests.

Week of January 21, 2018

Whew!  UAS has completed two weeks of inspections with KHDA and CIS, and the comments from our visitors were complimentary.  The students were kind and welcoming as our guests sat in on classes, observed us in action, and asked questions.

We continue to forge ahead in our new PYP Unit of Inquiry: How we express ourselves.  If you have a penchant for artistic expression from music to photography; poetry to interpretive dance; or painting to pantomime, please let us know.  We would love to have you share your talent and thoughts about your vocation or avocation with the classes.

Look for Maths unit three IPPs to come out later this week.  We begin a short look at long division this week.

Since our UOI is about artistic expression, and many artists use art to comment on social issues, we will start “social issues book clubs” this week in reading class.

Writing will continue to include a review of essential grammar elements as we learn how to write like journalists–just the facts.  This will be helpful to the students as they near their work on Exhibition.


Please SIGN UP for the Ecoventure three-day and two-night trip by CLICKING HERE before January 23, 2018.  This is the itinerary.

The FUN FAIR is at UAS on January 26.

Check your teacher’s Google Classroom page for the Home Learning Menu.  Remember: it is valid for TWO WEEKS, so the one that came out on January 14 is good for one more week.

Ecoventure Presentation for Students & Parents

Dear Parents,

On Sunday, 10th December at 2.15pm, Jennifer Dunsford will be coming into school to talk to the children about their trip to the Ecoventure Camp in Ras Al Khaimah on February 13th-15th, 2018.

You are also invited to attend the meeting at this time so you can listen to the presentation and ask any questions you may have.

When: Sunday 10th December at 2.15pm.

Where: Room 300

Thank you from the Grade 5 Team

What’s Your Angle?

Congratulations to all of the Grade 5 students who were asked by Ying Compestine and their teachers to read their stories at Ying’s final presentation on Wednesday!  You all worked so hard, and it was a challenge to select only a handful of students to present!

Geometry is the new math unit after we finished exploring multiplication, estimation, and decimal addition and subtraction. If your child has not yet purchased a geometry kit (protractor, compass, straight edge), then please do so!

Our visit to Green Planet was a hit, with students learning a lot on their guided tours about the emergent layer, canopy, understory, and forest floor in a rainforest. The biodiversity of this ecosystem will help them understand the movement of energy and matter within a biome.

We’re connecting our UOI with reading and writing as we learn to read and interpret the main idea of non-fiction texts.  We’ll use those non-fiction texts to learn to write factual pieces.  To incorporate technology, the students will do their research writing in a website they create.

You’ve heard about our KHDA visit coming in January, and there is an important survey link that was emailed to you by the school.  Please take care to complete it.

On Wednesday, our choir students will perform at Kent College.

Students are invited (with a permission slip) to watch Home Alone in the MS/HS library after school on Thursday.

Animal Adoption Week will be in full swing with a bake sale on Monday, Dressing up as Your Favorite Animal (for Dhs 5) on Tuesday, Poetry writing on Wednesday, and Cat Adoption on Thursday.

Friday 10 November 2017

Grade Five has been busy this week investigating non-fiction writing and reading, blogging, and changes in matter!

We all know how important reading is–30 minutes a day at least!  In class we’re looking at non-fiction texts and important features in those kinds of books.  Parts like the table of contents, glossary, index, headings, captions, sidebars, and boldface text are all elements we’re looking for in a wide range of non-fiction books in the classroom.  At home, you can point these out with your child in everything from the IKEA catalog to Lonely Planet travel guides to books about Knights and Castles.

Is your child an expert at something?  Next time you’re in the car, eating dinner, or queuing-up, talk about what he or she knows about a favorite topic.  The students will begin writing about their favorite things during our short week.

Going shopping together?  It’s a perfect opportunity to practice some of the estimation and multiplication skills we’ll be practicing.  Is that package of three liters of Persil for AED 54 a better deal than buying bottles separately at AED 17.75 each?

Have you noticed that your salt and vinegar has disappeared from the pantry?  Our students have become little alchemists as they try to remove copper oxide from copper coins.  What other chemical changes await?  The students also modeled molecular motion on scooters in the MPH–a hilarious way to learn about the structure of solids, liquids, and gases.

We’re looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday and Thursday for conferences.

Your children will visit the Magrudy book fair this short week: Sunday visits for 5SR and 5EY; Monday for 5SS.

HOME LEARNING: Look in the left column or Google Classroom for the Home Learning menu.

The annual UAS ski trip to Switzerland is coming soon.  Here is a message from Ms. Ashwin about it:


Ski, snowboarding and Switzerland… oh my!   Stay and ski or snowboard at Saas Grund, Switzerland during Spring Break.

(Can you say that 3 times fast?)

But I live in Dubai… I don’t have winter clothes…   No problem.    They provide them!

But I don’t know how to ski or snowboard…            No worries.     You can learn them!

When?            March 24-March 31

How much?   11,000 aed

Who?              Grades 4, 5, 6, and those students in grade 7 who went last year only

What’s included?

  • Full-board accommodation at Hotel Rodania

  • All meals and snacks

  • Ski/ snowboard equipment and clothing rental

  • Lift passes

  • Instruction

  • Evening activities

  • Visa

  • Transportation (flights + buses)


How?  Register here.   Non-refundable deposit of 3,000dhs by Dec 12.


More details at the parent information session this Wednesday and Thursday from 11:30-11:50,  ES library.


Have an adventure!  Have fun!  Have new friends!  Have real snow!

Halloween, Health, and Homework

This week Grade 5 focused on addition and subtraction of decimals as we moved into Unit 2 of Mathematics.  Going shopping or out to eat?  It’s a great opportunity to practice adding and subtracting decimal numbers with your child.  Keep asking your child multiplication and division facts too.  Coming up are estimation and Imperial units of measurement.

Our readers have been looking closely at the language writers use to show, not tell, readers a story.  Analyzing characters and events through this lens has been our focus this week, and we’re using examples like the writing of Katherine Applegate’s Home of the Brave to to improve our own personal narratives in writing.

We began our book clubs this week with a look at how a book club runs, and we’ll begin reading our book club books next week.

Technology is everywhere in our classrooms as we use the MacBooks to research explorers, build our explorer presentations, start our new blogs, and work on math and reading.

The Home Learning Menu can be found here. Five blocks a week are recommended, and the menu is good for two weeks.

In other news;

The Halloween Parade will be Thursday–details should be in the Elementary School Blog Sunday. Grade 5 will hold a short party Thursday afternoon.  Look for details next week.

UAS is participating in the Dubai Fitness Challenge!  Here are some details from our 30×30 Coordinator: Kristen Miller:

By now you will most probably have heard about the 30 x 30 Fitness Challenge launched by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of The Executive Council of Dubai Government and Dubai Sports Council. This “new initiative sees Dubai aiming to be most active city in the world” by encouraging all UAE residents to commit to 30 minutes of activities daily for 30 days, starting on October 20 until November 18.

 We are proud to announce that UAS will wholeheartedly be taking part in this challenge. We will be sending a calendar flyer home with your child. We would like to encourage you to get involved and exercise with your child on a daily basis.  Record your activities on the calendar provided throughout the 30 days and then return it to your child’s homeroom teacher after October 18th. 

To find out more about the challenge visit the website here.

To read the press release from the Government of Dubai, click here.

As part of this initiative, Dubai Fitness Challenge has partnered with a number of associations that will help you have fun while staying fit. Click here for calendar of events. 

If you would like to participate with UAS, please go to this link here and follow the prompts as follows:

  1. Click on join an existing organization
  2. Click on register as a teacher or parent
  3. Complete the form by making sure you select Universal American School in the School Name field
  4. Stay fit, participate and share away!

If you are on social media and would like to share your efforts with us, please use the following hashtags: #Dubai30x30 #uasdubai30x30 #uasdubai

Kristen Miller
Middle School Physical Education

Wearing Pink and MacBook Reminders

Dear Grade 5 Parents,

This Thursday, October 19th all UAS students from Grades 2-11 will be walking a lap around the campus in support of Breast Cancer. Please make sure your child comes to school wearing Pink in support of this cause.

Additionally, we are using our MacBooks every day, so it is imperative that the students come to school with a fully-charged device.  Please plug the computer in the night before or send your child to school with his or her charger.

Finally, please be sure your child has a set of headphones to use at school.. An inexpensive pair that can be left at school may be a good choice.

Kind Regards,

The Grade 5 Team