Ramadan Kareem!

With Exhibition behind us, and Ramadan upon us, the end of the school year approaches so quickly!

We told the students, “But there’s still more to learn before we adjourn to a summer so hot and sticky!”

From this you could guess that poetry’s next

With more math and some reading of fantasy text.

We look to the sky in our next UOI

Stars and planets, light and dark are areas of astronomy on which we embark.

Two twos? Three threes or more! It’s exponents and negative numbers that knock on Math’s door.

This week is is a snap with only one day of MAP

It’s on Wednesday this week; Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday week next

So sleep is in order each night before to gain the greatest effects!

Apologies for the poor verse, but maybe after the poetry unit it won’t be any worse!

Important Exhibition Notes

Lunch will be eaten AT SCHOOL on Sunday, May 6, at 11:00.
​Sunday EVENING, May 6, please be sure to see the HOMEROOM TEACHER before leaving so he or she can check that the children leave with their families.
Lunch will be eaten AT FESTIVAL CITY MALL on Monday, May 7.  Please send your child to school with money to buy food at the mall’s food court, or you may send a bag lunch.
An interview appointment assignment will be sent home on Thursday, May 3.
Interviews days are Wednesday, May 9, and Thursday, May 10.
Grade 5 students only come to school for their appointment time.
Interviews are only 20 minutes long.
Parents are responsible for ensuring their children are ON TIME for the appointment, and parents are responsible for taking their children home at the end of the appointment time.