Happy Spring Break!

The grade 5 team hope you have a wonderful 2 weeks of Spring Break! It’s time to relax and refuel before a busy exhibition up ahead! Just what the doctor ordered!

Grade 5 have developed their lines of inquiry and now know what it is they need to research.  Some groups have agreed to completing some of this research over the break so that they can hit the ground running when they get back.  Please have your child consider action over the break, as students will need to start their actions early the first week we get back.  Please check out these ideas for action:

When we get back from break, in Math, we will begin to investigate decimals and percentages in relation to fractions and learn how to convert between the three representations.  If any students want to practice over the break, they can continue to practice their skills of finding equivalent fractions, ordering fractions, simplest form and continue to practice long division (now with mixed quotients instead of remainders).


  • Swimming during PE lessons will commence Sunday 4/8 and end Thursday 4/12
  • Please let your child’s teacher know if you will be late returning from Spring Break. This is very important for coordinating groups for exhibition.
  • This year’s Grade 3-5 Spelling Bee will take place on Thursday 10th, May! Yay! Two students from each class will be selected to participate.  If you would like your child to study the words over the break, check out these documents:

  *Please note that definitions will not be given on the day, that document is only intended as a reference guide if needed.