Happy Spring Break!

The grade 5 team hope you have a wonderful 2 weeks of Spring Break! It’s time to relax and refuel before a busy exhibition up ahead! Just what the doctor ordered!

Grade 5 have developed their lines of inquiry and now know what it is they need to research.  Some groups have agreed to completing some of this research over the break so that they can hit the ground running when they get back.  Please have your child consider action over the break, as students will need to start their actions early the first week we get back.  Please check out these ideas for action:

When we get back from break, in Math, we will begin to investigate decimals and percentages in relation to fractions and learn how to convert between the three representations.  If any students want to practice over the break, they can continue to practice their skills of finding equivalent fractions, ordering fractions, simplest form and continue to practice long division (now with mixed quotients instead of remainders).


  • Swimming during PE lessons will commence Sunday 4/8 and end Thursday 4/12
  • Please let your child’s teacher know if you will be late returning from Spring Break. This is very important for coordinating groups for exhibition.
  • This year’s Grade 3-5 Spelling Bee will take place on Thursday 10th, May! Yay! Two students from each class will be selected to participate.  If you would like your child to study the words over the break, check out these documents:

  *Please note that definitions will not be given on the day, that document is only intended as a reference guide if needed.

Week of March 18th

It is the final week before Spring Break and a busy one at that! Grade 5 are excited to present their musical on Monday morning in the MPH.  Please note that the show starts at 8:30 am.

We are also changing our specialist subject this week.  The next 4 weeks will be PE.

For exhibition this week, students will develop their lines of inquiry and begin the research process.  Research will be done with their exhibition teacher and homeroom, as this will set the stage for the coming weeks.  Students will develop an in depth understanding of their topic and decide what actions they can take to make a difference.

In math, students will continue to explore fractions.  Moving from equivalent fractions to looking into converting mixed numbers and fractions.  As always, students will work on their problem solving skills in order to develop a real life understanding of fractions.

We’re excited for the week ahead! Please also note that Thursday is a half day!

It’s time for the

UAS Splash & Dash!

We want all our fantastic swimmers and runners to come out on Tuesday April 17th.

The event will take place during the school day.

The Splash & Dash is for any STUDENT, PARENT or TEACHER in Elementary (Grades 2-5), Middle & High School.

You can participate Individually or with a Partner.

Elementary students will SWIM 100m (4 laps in pool) and RUN 800m (2 laps of track).

The cost to participate is 75 AED. Participants receive a T-shirt and Winners receive prizes.

To register for this awesome event, you must sign up by clicking HERE.

The Link can also be found on the UAS website.

Once registered you need to make your payment at UAS Accounts.

Please pay to the SPLASH-DASH Account.

Registration & Payment needs to be completed by Wednesday March 21st at 3pm.

We hope to see lots of students competing and having LOADS OF FUN!

Go Scorpions!


Dylan Carter

Co – Athletic Director

Experiential Learning Coordinator

Week of March 11th

Last week was jam packed with book week and starting our tuning in to Exhibition!

We’ve had a great start to this week.  Students have been given their topics and have been assigned to their exhibition groups and teachers.  Each day the grade 5 students will be going to their Exhibition teachers after Arabic or Islamic and again after first break to work with their groups.  The rest of the day will consist of Math, Reading and Writing lessons.

In Math, we will be tuning in to fractions and doing some review from grade 4 before getting into grade 5 standards. Students will receive their IPPs for the division unit this week, so please have a look at what still needs work and which resources you can use at home to support this learning.

On our homework grid, from this point on, exhibition will occupy many of the spaces as students have lots to do over the next 7 weeks.  We’ve also included practice for the grade 5 musical happening next week.

Ms Sambola will be holding two parent information sessions for the PYP Exhibition this week at the following times:

Tuesday Tuesday, March 13 from 8:00 am – 9:00 am
Wednesday, March 14 from 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm



Do you aspire to be the next Reggie or Cheryl Miller?
Well, the Junior Scorpions Basketball Season is set to begin with the first practice scheduled for Wednesday March 14th, 2018 in the UAS Gymnasium.
Practices will be every Sunday and Wednesday from 3:20pm-4:20pm. So, if you wish to participate, please use the following links to register. Also, please find the attached information letter that and find out more information for the upcoming Jr. Scorpions Season.
Practices for Jr. Scorpions Track & Field will be every Sunday and Wednesday from 3:30pm-4:20pm.

Hope to see you there and please send any questions or concerns to Mr. Kurtis Trottier at ktrottier@uasdubai.ae

Week of March 4th – Book Week and More!

We have an exciting week ahead of us! After having an amazing international celebration on Saturday, students get continue to get excited about UAS book week.  The school has put together a variety of events and activities including DEAR (Drop Everything and Read), an escape room, an author visit and Book Character Day.  On Wednesday, our visiting author will be selling one of her books as well so please check it out here, this was also sent home last week.

Last Thursday, we had a grade five town hall meeting with Ms. Sambola. She gave the kids some information of Exhibition and what it’s all about.  This week we will be tuning in to exhibition and starting to think of some topics and issues that we are passionate about.  By the end of this week, each student will have selected three topics they are very interested in and will submit these, with reasons why they are passionate about these topics.  We have assured grade 5 that they will get one of their three topics for exhibition and will be grouped accordingly.  This is a very exciting time of year, students are excited and also a bit nervous about the process.  They will be supported and guided along the way by various support systems including Exhibition teachers, specialist teachers, mentors and peers.  More information will be given to parents shortly.

In Language this week we will continue to write news articles and peer edit.  In Math, we have a test early this week on Monday or Tuesday after the students have had a weekend to study Unit 4’s review test sent home last Thursday and a day of in class review.  Test Review answers can be found here.

We hope you have a fantastic week!