Home Safe and Sound!

We had an amazing three days at camp!  The kids were so independent as they engaged in team building and and exciting adventures!  Please be sure to check the photo drive with your child over the weekend as they regale you with tales of all the challenges they took on and the fun things they did at camp: https://goo.gl/yCW854

Teamwork helps when climbing Jacob’s ladder!

Luxury accommodations for desert survival!

Great shirts!

Please also check all the items that came back home.  Double check they belong to your child, especially sleeping bags as some were not packed in with their luggage.  If anything does not belong to your child or something is missing please let me know and we’ll sort it out over the next week.
It was a pleasure being with your children at Ecoventure.  They were enthusiastic, brave, and good-humored through chilly waters, dizzying heights, and hilarious “yachting” excursions on kayaks and rafts.  They may be exhausted, but they earned the chance to sleep in!
We’ll see you all on Sunday, February 18, for a normal week of school.
There is no school for the elementary students on Sunday, February 25.