Saturday, 28th October

Thanks so much to all the moms, dads, brothers, sisters and friends that came to watch the Halloween Parade at UAS on Thursday morning. The children really enjoyed their ‘paparazzi’ moment in the spotlight. We had a great Halloween celebration in Grade 5. In my class, the children listened to some hair raising stories and then told me some of their own stories. In Miss Schricker’s class the children learnt how to write Halloween madlibs. In Mr. Yates’ class the children made mini catapults in order to get candy into a jar as part of a STEM activity. All the Grade 5 class had a little party in the afternoon. Thanks again to the moms and dads and families that donated items to the class, it was very much appreciated by everyone.

This week …..

Well, it’s going to be a short week as the children do not have school on Sunday and Monday due to teachers’ professional development time. The children return to school at the normal time of 7.40am on Tuesday, 31st October. We hope they have a relaxing and fun long weekend. Don’t forget to remind your child to fill out their Dubai Fitness Challenge booklet over the long weekend – it’s a perfect time and temperature for them to get out and do some exercise.

Language Arts

This week the children will finish their personal narrative writing unit. They will work towards writing the final draft of their stories and then publishing their work. In Readers’ Workshop children will continue to read their novels in their book clubs and work towards being able to write an interpretation of their book.


Children will continue with Unit 2 which focuses on addition and subtraction of decimal numbers including money. There is a large problem solving aspect to this unit – children will solve one and two step problems. Children will also revise how to round decimals and then make estimates for decimal multiplication.

Unit of Inquiry

Children will begin their new unit which is a science based unit under the theme ‘How the World Works.’