Exploring Our Past, Our Present, and Our Future

From the depths of the ocean with Jacques Cousteau to the outer reaches of space with Clyde Tombaugh, the students began exploring explorers this week in our unit of inquiry: Where we are in place and time.  Where will our junior explorers be next week?  Their inquiring minds will delve into the life of a famous explorer of their choosing as they learn research strategies and reasons humans have an urge to explore the world around them.  The students’ MacBooks will play an increasingly large role in their research this year, and this unit of inquiry will be their jumping off point.

Place and time, firsts and lasts, people and feelings are all the starting points for Writing Workshop, and next week we dive deeper into our writing skills by noticing details and replaying important moments in our lives in our minds as movies so we can improve our writing by showing, not telling, our audience our stories.

Visits to the UAS library have been valuable as the children take charge of their reading life in Reading Workshop.  They reflected upon themselves as readers and set reading goals this week so that next week, as they begin writing about reading more and more, they can effectively record their thoughts about what they are reading.

Is 249 a prime number?  Is it divisible by 3?  What is the value of the 4?  These are just some of the questions students are answering in mathematics.  While they have grown up in the digital age, the clocks in our classrooms are analog, so we are also investigating how to tell time “the old way” as one student put it!  Math facts are critical to future success as we move beyond factors and divisibility rules and into fractions and decimals, so when you’re waiting at that traffic light, ask your child multiplication and division facts like 7 x 8, 549, and 6 x 8!  Look for a unit review next Thursday with a final unit assessment on 9 or 10 October.

Practical Details

Look for a field trip permission slip on Sunday, 1 October.  We will bravely travel the mighty E11 in search of facts about the famous explorer Ibn Battuta at the Ibn Battuta Mall on 5 October.  Would you like to volunteer to take a group exploring on the trip?  Please submit your information on this form.  Parents will chaperone a group of 5-10 children as they complete a scavenger hunt and enjoy lunch.  Details to follow next week, but we expect to depart UAS at about 9:45 and return by about 13:30.

Please CHARGE the MacBooks!  We do have power outlets in the classrooms, but it is so much easier to manage the computers when the batteries are fully charged for a day’s use.  Additionally, please be sure that your child’s computer is labeled with his or her name and your contact information.  Finally, students need to bring HEADPHONES (or earbuds) to school whenever they bring their computers.

Important Upcoming Dates

Sunday, 1 October: Ibn Battuta permission slip to be sent home

Sunday, 1 October: After School Activities begin

Monday, 2 October: Back to School Night

Tuesday, 3 October: Return Ibn Battuta permission slip

Tuesday, 3 October: Early Release–Students depart at 14:00

Thursday, 5 October: Ibn Battuta field trip

Thursday, 5 October: Elementary swim team tryouts


Field Trip On October 5th

Hi there,

Grade 5 will be going on a field trip to Ibn Batuta Mall on October 5th. While we are there the children will take part in a scavenger hunt to find out all about the explorer Ibn Batuta. We are looking for parent volunteers to accompany us. Parent volunteers would be responsible for a group of children ranging in size from 5 – 10 children. Parents would assist children with scavenger hunt throughout the different courts in the mall for about 1 hour and 30 minutes and then take children to the food court to have lunch afterwards where they would be responsible for their group there too. Children will bring their own lunch money.

If you are available on the 5th October and would like to come with us. Please fill in the google form. (See the link below) by Sunday 1st October.

We will be leaving school at approximately 9.30am and returning to school by approximately 2pm (depending on traffic). We hope to have lots of fun while finding out all about an explorer who comes from this region.

The link to the google form is here. Please fill in all sections. Your child’s teacher will contact you at the beginning of next week if you can come.

Have a great day,

The Grade 5 Team.


Thursday, 21st September 2017

What’s going on in Grade 5

Grade 5 students have had a great and busy second week of school.  We started tuning in to our new unit about Where We Are in Place and Time.  More specifically, we started to unpack our central idea, ‘Exploration changes our understanding.’ Students had some great insight and burning questions to start the unit off.  We are narrowing our focus through the concept lens of Perspective, Connection and Change in order to develop a deeper understanding of this big idea.

In Math, we reviewed and began to extend our knowledge of factors, divisibility rules of 1, 2, 5 and 10 and will use this knowledge to strengthen our understanding of composite and prime numbers.  This will continue into next week where students will apply their knowledge and skills to problem solve.

In Language, assessments have been taken for reading and writing and we will be fully into the Reading and Writing Workshops next week.

What’s coming up in Grade 5

MAP Testing: This week coming, we will be MAP testing on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Please ensure, as always, your child brings in their Macbook and has downloaded NWEA lockdown browser.  Click here if you haven’t done so already.

Swimming: Grade 5 will start swimming lessons on Sunday, 24th September.  Please remind your child to come prepared everyday with their swim kit. Click here for a letter from Mr. Rob: Welcome Swim Letter

Wizard of Oz: UAS is lucky to be hosting a drama presentation, this Thursday, 28th September, of the Wizard of Oz.

Back to School Night: This will take place on October 2nd.  Please do attend, its a chance to learn more about the Grade 5 teaching team and what the year will look like for you and your child.

We’ve had a fun two weeks so far–here are some photos!


Downloading microsoft office to the mac books.

All UAS students are allowed to install Microsoft Office on five different devices. Please follow the instructions before  WHEN YOU ARE AT HOME. MS Office should not be downloaded at school because of the file size and amount of bandwidth the downloading takes.

Please download MS Office ONLY from home.

Step 1: This process works better if you use Chrome. Type the following URL into your browser: https://goo.gl/Ndh1Nh

Step 2: Type in your new uas email address (with the graduation year) and your password.
Step 3: Once logged in, click on the Install Microsoft Office button in the right top corner of your screen.


*Note that this should be downloaded from home ONLY as it will take many minutes to dowload.

Step 4: Open the Office.pkg file from your Downloads folder and follow the steps to install the program.

Step 5: Once installed, activate Office by opening Word and entering your school email address when prompted for registration.

Junior Scorpions

The Junior Scorpions Athletics program is offered to students in Grade 4 – 6. This program is part of our wider UAS Athletics program and is separate to the After School Activities program. The JS teams participate in the Junior Emirates Athletic Conference (JEAC) in the sports of soccer, basketball, and track & field. The JS program is an all inclusive program focused on the development of fundamental skills and introducing concepts of healthy and safe competition. Ability levels are identified in order to create mixed level teams in preparation for friendly games and jamborees. There is no cost associated with this program and all students in grades 4-6 are welcome to join.

Junior Scorpions Soccer is ready to begin. Below are some key details: 

  1. The season will run from October 1st until November 11th, 2017
  2. JS Soccer will have two practices per week from 3:204:20pm
    1. Grade 4 Boys & All Girls Teams practice on Sunday & Wednesday afternoons. 
    2. Grade 5 & 6 Boys Teams practice on Monday & Thursday afternoons.
  3. There will be 3 friendly games played either here at UAS or other schools in Dubai. 
  4. There is a final jamboree tournament hosted on Saturday, November 11th at various locations throughout Dubai. 

In order to register your child for the Junior Scorpions Soccer program, please click on the registration link: JUNIOR SCORPIONS SOCCER. Once registration is completed you will be contacted prior to the first practice day with additional information. 

For further information, please contact Jrscorpions@uasdubai.ae.

If your child is interested in Basketball, Track & Field, or Swimming, these registrations will take place later in the year. GO JUNIOR SCORPIONS!

 Dylan Carter

Co – Athletic Director

Experiential Learning Coordinator

Thursday, 14th September, 2017

Thursday, 14th September, 2017

Wow! We can not believe it’s been a week since we met your children; we feel like we have known them much longer! Getting to know them and seeing how they’ve grown over the vacation has been tremendously enjoyable!  Listening to their summer stories was just so wonderful.

This week

During this week we have focused a lot on getting children back into the routines that help our school day run smoothly. It’s very important that your child follows the behaviour expectations so our school can continue to be the safe, welcoming and warm environment that it always has been. Grade 5 students have been working hard at becoming role models for other students in the school as they are now the eldest in the elementary.

Back to School Assembly

The children attended our ‘Back to School Assembly’ on Tuesday morning where they got to meet all the new specialist teachers that we have this year. See the links to their blogs below.

Art Teacher’s blog

Music Teacher’s Blog 



Digital Citizenship Assembly

They also attended an assembly with Miss Amanda all about being responsible digital citizens in the 5th Grade. It’s very important that children understand the privilege of using MacBooks at school. However, with the privilege comes the responsibility of appropriate use within the school day. Parents are reminded of the importance of being vigilant about checking what children are using their computers for and who they are chatting to online. The importance of keeping any social media accounts that they might have set to private when they are online at home cannot be stressed enough.


Children must return the ‘Acceptable Use Policy’ letter by 28th September. Children MUST bring their laptops to school on Sunday. We will be transferring their email addresses from the .com address they had last year to a new one that ends with .ae.

Parents received an email on 26 August with directions for registering the MAC address of student computers online. Click here for the form.  Click here for the letter and directions to find the MAC address for your child’s computer.


All the children completed their Unit 1 Mathematics pre-assessment this morning. We will begin our first Everyday Math unit next week. This unit is all about number theory, place value, factors and divisibility rules. See the Everyday Math page to see links to the homelearning pages if you would like your child to do some extra practice at home.

In the Reading Workshop children will be working on their reading goals for Grade 5, and they will complete a pre-assessment for the first unit. Our first unit will focus on interpretation book clubs. In Grade 5 the children will again be expected to give evidence from the text to justify their thinking about characters and events in books. They will be expected to discuss themes in books throughout the unit.

In the Writing Workshop children will be learning how to write a personal narrative. This will be built upon their Unit 1 work from Grade 4. For the first few workshops children will be increasing their writing stamina in order to exercise those writing muscles that may have gone a little rusty over the summer.

In our Unit of Inquiry lessons next week the children will complete some ‘tuning in’ activities in order to access prior knowledge about our topic. Our topic is explorers and we are pretty sure the children will love it. Details of our first field trip will be sent out soon.

Coming Up for Grade 5

  • Wizard of Oz production at UAS in the MPH on September 28th at 1.15pm (cost is covered by the school)
  • Deadline for submittal of ‘AUP’ letter to the IT department at UAS
  • MAP testing – week beginning September 24th (schedule will be posted at a later date)