This Week and Upcoming Events

Our students have been observing the moon change phases this month of Ramadan, and surely they are seeing the waning crescent by now!  But before Eid Al Fitr arrives, we have some exciting events this week!

Today, the students spent the day as sixth graders at our middle school!  Their sixth grade buddies led them from class to class to learn about the teachers and topics for next year.

Some homework was sent home today though–practice the song that Ms. Austin had us hand out to you today.

Tomorrow, Monday (B day), is a relatively normal Ramadan schedule day, but if you have ANY LIBRARY BOOKS, please bring them to school to return.  They are now all considered overdue.

Tuesday, June 12 (A day), will be an exciting morning.  In the time before lunch, grade five will rotate among P.E., Art, and Music classes for about 25 minutes each.  During that time, the grade five teachers will give presentations to the grade four students to introduce them to grade five.  After lunch, it’s a normal day until 1:00 dismissal.

Wednesday, June 13 (B day), is our Grade Five Finale! Some kids are calling it the “graduation,” but no caps and gowns are necessary!  Leave your uniform at home and dress in a neat, smart way for our Certificate Ceremony.  Parents received an email from Mr. Dorn with details, but HERE IS A COPY.  As a Bonus, you may sign your child out after the ceremony if you like!

Thursday, June 14 (A Day).  Our school calendar lists this as a holiday, but we’ll know more once Eid Al Fitr is formally announced.


Sunday, June 17: Again, the school calendar does NOT currently list this as a holiday, but watch this space and your email for an announcement about whether school is in session this day because of the Eid Al Fitr announcement.

Monday, June 18: Back to our normal schedule?  Let’s see what KHDA says about our holiday schedule.

Tuesday, June 19: REGULAR LONG DAY!  NO MORE early-release Tuesdays.  We are planning our FIELD TRIP this day.  Students should be back in school in time for lunch.

Down the road a bit, we are planning a bowling trip to celebrate the end of the year.  Details to follow.

Ramadan Kareem!

With Exhibition behind us, and Ramadan upon us, the end of the school year approaches so quickly!

We told the students, “But there’s still more to learn before we adjourn to a summer so hot and sticky!”

From this you could guess that poetry’s next

With more math and some reading of fantasy text.

We look to the sky in our next UOI

Stars and planets, light and dark are areas of astronomy on which we embark.

Two twos? Three threes or more! It’s exponents and negative numbers that knock on Math’s door.

This week is is a snap with only one day of MAP

It’s on Wednesday this week; Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday week next

So sleep is in order each night before to gain the greatest effects!

Apologies for the poor verse, but maybe after the poetry unit it won’t be any worse!

Important Exhibition Notes

Lunch will be eaten AT SCHOOL on Sunday, May 6, at 11:00.
​Sunday EVENING, May 6, please be sure to see the HOMEROOM TEACHER before leaving so he or she can check that the children leave with their families.
Lunch will be eaten AT FESTIVAL CITY MALL on Monday, May 7.  Please send your child to school with money to buy food at the mall’s food court, or you may send a bag lunch.
An interview appointment assignment will be sent home on Thursday, May 3.
Interviews days are Wednesday, May 9, and Thursday, May 10.
Grade 5 students only come to school for their appointment time.
Interviews are only 20 minutes long.
Parents are responsible for ensuring their children are ON TIME for the appointment, and parents are responsible for taking their children home at the end of the appointment time.

Permission Slips for Exhibition

Dear Parents,

The students were given TWO permission slips today.  One is mandatory.  Both must be returned no later than the morning of Wednesday, May 2.

The mandatory permission slip allows your child to travel to the Exhibition display area at Dubai Festival City Mall during the school day on Sunday, May 6, and Monday, May 7.

The other permission slip is to be used if your child would like to remain after school on Sunday, May 6, for pizza, juice, and a school bus ride to the evening Exhibition area at Dubai Festival City Mall.  AED 25 must accompany this permission slip.


Thank you,

The Grade 5 Team

Exhibition Evening After School Care-17zvvrh

G5 Exhibition at Festival City Mall Permission Form-zhytsp

Hag Al Leila Reminder


On Tuesday, May 1, UAS will be celebrating Hag Al Laila, a traditional Emirati event. In the spirit of Hag Al Laila, our parent committee is asking families to bring in a bag or two of candies to share. Candies should be individually wrapped and contain no nuts. Please bring your contributions to school by Sunday, April 29th. These contributions can be delivered to homeroom teachers or the ES office. The committee will then put together goody bags and distribute them to classrooms on May 1.

Thank you in advance for taking part in this special tradition.

ES Administration

Reminder: Student Led Conferences

Dear Parents and Families of Universal American School,

This is a reminder to sign up for Student Led Conferences via Synergetic. The letter with instructions for the sign-up is here.

Please complete your sign up by 2:00 pm on Tuesday.

We are excited to see how your students will be able to describe their learning to you!

Thank you,

Elementary School Administration Team

Sunday April 22nd

Another week gone by! So much has been done by our exhibition students and they couldn’t have done it without your support! They are so excited about their actions and making a difference in their community. It’s incredible what 10 and 11 year olds have been accomplishing.  Of course, there are always hiccups such as prioritizing tasks and scheduling (and keeping with the schedule) but the best learning has been in making those mistakes and learning from them.
 This week our Grade 5 exhibition students will be working on the following:
-Completing their action
-Going on field trips to volunteer or meet with an expert
-Starting to work on their 72 ways to show they know.  These are the models, posters, slide shows, plays, dance performances, prototypes, games, quizzes, etc. that they will have on the day of Exhibition.  Please click here for a list of these ideas.
We look forward to seeing you at Student Led Conferences this week.  Please remember this is a time to celebrate your child’s learning over the year. Teachers will be in the classroom, but it will be completely led by the students. If there is anything you’d like to discus with your child’s homeroom or exhibition teacher, please email them to schedule a separate meeting.
Have a great week!

Elementary Arts Alive Display

Elementary Arts Alive Display

April 19 – May 3, 2018

We are pleased to announce that the elementary arts alive is officially on view! Our KG2 – 5th Grade students have worked hard since the beginning of the year to create the many different artworks currently hanging in the front and back lobby.

Due to the large number of students, only one artwork per student was chosen to be displayed. Parents are encouraged to collect the rest of their child’s art portfolio from the art room during Student Led Conferences.

Enjoy all the amazing art!

Student Led Conferences Information

Dear Parents,

We are pleased to announce that student-led conferences are scheduled for Wednesday, April 25 and Thursday, April 26, 2018. Our approach to teaching and learning is intended to support our school’s Primary Years Programme core values by empowering our students to be active participants in their education. It is important for students to think critically and reflect on their learning which helps them become self-directed learners. One of the ways UAS accomplishes this goal is through student-led conferences.  

Process to sign up for Student Led Conferences

Click here for directions for using Synergetic to login and schedule the time in your student’s homeroom class that best meets your needs. Please note that the Sign-Up will go live Tuesday at 4:00 pm; there are times available throughout both days, with up to four places for each time.

UAS students put a lot of time and effort into getting ready to celebrate their learning with parents. A student-led conference involves the student and parent in a discussion centred on student achievement. In this format the student takes the lead in the conversation and talks about their learning.

Teachers are present in the room and will offer encouragement and/or clarification as needed. Please note, this is not a time for you to engage in an individual parent-teacher conference. The time is for your child to share their successes and goals in moving forward for the remainder of the school year. During your conference time, there will be other students sharing their learning with their parents as well.

All families are encouraged to visit the student’s specialist and support teachers on a drop-in basis as they are an integral part of each child’s education. You and your child are also encouraged to visit the Book Fair and to observe the Arts Alive display.

If you have additional time or are waiting for another conference, you are welcome to read in the library with your children or supervise them while they are playing on the playground. During conferences, staff will be monitoring the hallway so that siblings may sit in the hallway to wait. We encourage bringing something for the sibling to do while they wait, such as a book to read, a notebook for writing or drawing, etc.


UAS Elementary School Administration

PDF VERSION OF LETTER: SLC letter to parents 2018-qkx708


Readers, start your engines! The spring elementary book fair, sponsored by Bookworm, will take place IN THE ELEMENTARY LIBRARY during school hours, Sunday through Wednesday, April 22-25 (no Thursday hours). Each homeroom teacher will bring students for a preview some time during the week, and students can also visit at any time their teacher allows. (Money envelopes will go home with students this Wednesday, April 18.) Please come by and check out the latest literary offerings, and remember: Readers Are Leaders!