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Splash & Dash!

It’s time for the

UAS Splash & Dash!

We want all our fantastic swimmers and runners to come out on Tuesday April 17th.

The event will take place during the school day.

The Splash & Dash is for any STUDENT, PARENT or TEACHER in Elementary (Grades 2-5), Middle & High School.

You can participate Individually or with a Partner.

Elementary students will SWIM 100m (4 laps in pool) and RUN 800m (2 laps of track).

The cost to participate is 75 AED. Participants receive a T-shirt and Winners receive prizes.

To register for this awesome event, you must sign up by clicking HERE.

The Link can also be found on the UAS website.

Once registered you need to make your payment at UAS Accounts.

Please pay to the SPLASH-DASH Account.

Registration & Payment needs to be completed by Wednesday March 21st at 3pm.

We hope to see lots of students competing and having LOADS OF FUN!

Go Scorpions!

Camp Info

Here is a copy of the letter that was sent home with your student regarding camp.

A quick overview of the schedule:

Will be having 1 x 35 seater bus and 1 x 50 seater bus.
14th Feb – School—> Mangroves —> Al Awadi Camp
ETD from the School:  8:00
ETA @ Mangroves : 10:00
 Mangrove day – 14th Feb
 -It is very important that the children are dressed in wet clothes and close toed shoes. No Crocs and no flip-flops please.
 They will need hats, water bottle and sun cream.
– We will be going straight to the mangroves from the school we will be having a toilet break at al hamra mall.
– After the toilet break at the mall we will be heading to Al Rafah mangroves.
– Snacks will be served once we reach the mangrove site.
– We start our activities and we break for lunch around 12:30pm- 1:30pm
– A continue with activities at the mangroves till 2:30-3:00pm
– We will leave from the mangroves at 3-3:30pm for Al Awadi(Camp site) ETA- 5:00pm
15th Feb – Al Awadi Camp —>School
ETD from Al Jeer :  13:30
ETA @ School: 15:00

Track & Field Information

Grade 4/5/6 Junior Scorpions Track End of Season Jamboree-Hosted by DAA on January 27th, 2018
Believe it or not, the end of the Jr. Scorpions Track and Field season is upon us. Athletes and coaches have worked hard throughout the season and have shared many laughs and have made many memories together along the way.
This year’s end of season Track and Field Jamboree for Grades 4,5 & 6 is being held at DAA on Saturday January 27th and is scheduled to run from 10am-1pm. (See attached schedule) and it promises to be a day filled with fun and friendly competition.
So, if you wish for your son or daughter to participate in this event, please be sure to fill out the registration form using the link here:
End of Season Jamboree @ DAA January 27th, 2018 Registration Form
Please note that students who are not registered by Thursday January 25th, will not be able to participate in this event.
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.
Kurtis Trottier
Co-Athletic Director
Universal American School

Camp Update

We can’t wait to spend 2 days with your kids in the desert! There are so many exciting adventures waiting out there for us! Camp will be here before we know it! Please make sure you have signed up through the Google Form (click here). There are some important pieces of information that is needed there.

Here’s a link to the presentation about the camp – click here

Here’s a link to the itinerary and kit list – click here

The dates for camp are Feb 14-15. Please make your payment with Accounts by January 23. We will leave from school first thing in the morning on the 14th, and return in time for school transportation (if your child rides the bus) on the 15th.

Camp Information

Happy Winter Break to all! We hope you and your families have a wonderful break, and we can’t wait to see your children back on January 7th!

The children will be going to Ecoventure camp on 14th February until 15th February. If you want your child to attend the camp there is a google form that needs to be filled in please find the link here.

The itinerary is here Grade 4 Itinerary Ecoventure Camp.  The cost of the trip is 995AED and should be paid into the accounts department. When you pay for the camp can you please tell the accounts department:

  1. Name of your child
  2. Class your child is in
  3. Payment is for Grade 4 Ecoventure camp

The kit list for the camp is on the last page of the itinerary. Have your child read through it carefully and see which items they already have. Your child will be expected to pack and be responsible for all of their own belongings so it will be be best to just pack the necessary items rather than any extra things.

You are encouraged to sign up and pay the accounts department by the end of January.

Curriculum Overview from now until Winter Break

  1. –This is our last week of Art, and we will switch back to Music next week.
  2. –National Day is being celebrated at school on Wednesday. Students are encouraged to dress in clothing representing the UAE (remember this is not International Day). We will be participating in outdoor activities. Lunch on Wednesday will be from food trucks, and students will be responsible for bringing and keeping up with their own money for lunch. They can still bring their own lunch if they wish. We will be eating lunch outside. Other than the time we spend outside during the middle of the day, Wednesday will be a regular day. Also don’t forget the festivities that will happen from 5-10pm at the school that night

Curriculum Overview from now until Winter Break

  • Math – From now until Winter Break, we will be working on multiplication facts and related division facts (ex. 5×10=50 and 50/10=5). We will also be working on Prime and Composite numbers. Please practice these with your students. They will take the pretest for this unit today, and we will continue to work on the unit until the break.
-I can solve What’s My Rule? problems for all the operations (+, -, *, ∏ ).
-I can compare factors and products in a multiplication number sentence.
-I can find factor pairs and write a list of factors for any number up to 100.
-I can determine whether a whole number up to 100 is prime or composite.
-I can write multiples of single digit numbers, determine whether a given number is a multiple of a 1- digit number, and prove that a whole number is a multiple of each of its factors.
-I can solve addition and subtraction number stories and write a corresponding open number sentence using a variable for the unknown.
-I can calculate elapsed time.
  • Writing
    Our next unit of writing will be a short three week unit on blog posting. This year in Fourth Grade students will be keeping a digital portfolio instead of a traditional folder. Students will need to write well crafted blog posts about their academics and reflections on their learning. During our blogging unit students will evaluate blogs to understand what makes a good blog post. They will create several blog posts about their learning so far this year in each of the core subject areas. Additionally, students will learn how to comment on their classmates blogs in a kind and constructive way.
  • Reading

This week we are beginning our next reading unit which focuses on Nonfiction. We will begin by doing a pre-assessment and then​ dive into reading nonfiction books. We will work on building reading skills to read this type of genre looking at previewing texts, noticing different text structures, text organization as well as comparing and contrasting nonfiction to fiction. We will also continue to build on students reading stamina and fluency.

  • UOI
    Our 3rd line of inquiry for this unit for ‘Where we are in place and time’ is
* The role of innovation in the past present and future.
We will:
* define innovation and innovators,
* look at the importance of innovation in the UAE,
* be innovators ourselves and create something,
* collect information about problems in Dubai, the UAE and the world; analyse this information; choose 1 problem to help
* learn about the engineering process of: defining the problem; researching/ brainstorming ideas to help; focussing on 1 idea and draw the design.
Finally, we will take it in turns to present our ideas to a ‘shark tank’ or ‘dragon’s den’ of people who will be in charge of deciding if the idea is good enough.

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