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New Units Starting 15 April

1. Reading – We will be working in book clubs, focusing on Fictional books. Students will be assessed on their participation in the book club. This participation includes completing assigned reading in a timely manner, completing assigned work relating to reading, and participating in group discussions. Students will work with small groups based on their reading levels according to our latest reading assessments.

2. Writing – Students will continue to work on a 5 paragraph structured essay. This unit will focus on an Opinion Essay about a book they have read. They will follow the same guidelines as before to create their 5 paragraphs and use evidence to support their opinions.

Writing Rubric

3. Math –  We are starting Unit 8 that deals with area & perimeter. Students will need to be able to know how to find area and perimeter, draw a rectangle to match a given perimeter and area, and add and subtract fractions.

English family letter        Arabic family letter          Unit 8 IPP

4. UOI – We will be researching trade and the history of trade in the UAE. Our focus will be on the Silk Road and the different paths that were taken and the people along the way. We will look at the exchange of goods and cultures. Students will be creating journal entries from the point of view of a traveler and trader, and will be assessed on these entries, as well as their participation during discussions and other classwork.

            Central Idea: Systems allow for trade, travel, and communication between 
                                  communities and cultures.
            Lines of Inquiry:
                                 1. How travel and communication affect the way communities interact
                                 2. Systems that allow for/promote trade in communities
                                 3. Points of view on globalization


We are currently looking at 4 weeks for this Math and UOI Unit, and 5 weeks for Writing and Reading.

Unit of Inquiry – How the World Works

Our new UOI Unit is How The World Works. This unit will conclude before spring break but will be assessed as part of the third-trimester grading cycle.

The Central Idea is: Energy can be transformed, stored, or used for industrial and personal applications.

The Lines of Inquiry are:

  • Energy transformation (change)
  • Where the energy that humans use comes from (form)
  • How energy use affects the environment (responsibility)

The summative for this unit will be March 28, the morning before we get out of school for Spring Break. Students will participate in an Energy Summit, in which they will present information related to a self-guided inquiry into an energy project of their choice. This project is an in-class only project, with supplies brought in from home. The rubric is attached:

Reading Unit 4 – Nonfiction

For our new Reading Unit 4, we will be revisiting non-fiction texts, with a focus on Energy; specifically light, sound, heat and electricity.

The four main skills that will be assessed will be:

1. Summarizing (Main idea, supporting details)
2. Analyzing Parts of a Text in Relation to the Whole (picking a paragraph/lines from an article and explaining why it’s important to the whole thing)
3. Cross-Text(s) Synthesis (comparing 2 sources/articles/etc and talking about a specific topic/subtopic they each talk about and what you learned from it)
4. Author’s Craft (what did the author use to make this information more interesting? Diagrams, pictures, excerpt from an expert on the topic.)
The rubric for the assessment is attached.

Curriculum Updates

We are starting new units in just about every area, so here is a quick overview of what we will be working on the next few weeks. Please check the post below this for math information.


We are exploring with Historical Fiction. As a class, we will be reading Number the Stars, by Lois Lowry.

Our area of focus will be how to deepen your understanding by:

-Finding places in the story where the kids pose questions.

-Looking for a source, including part of a bigger article.

-Reading just that part to gather information.

-Rethinking what happened in the book with this information in mind.


We will learn to use images to deepen our understanding of what we read:

-Ask: what does the picture remind you of in the book?

-Look at all parts of the picture and notice the details.

-Use expert vocabulary to describe what you see

-examples: foreground, background, margins, top-left corner

-Compare what you had been picturing in your mind to what you see in the image.

-Think about how the picture affects your envisioning of what you read.



We are revisiting writing narratives. Students will have a refresher course in the components of a narrative, focusing on small moments, grammar, characters, plots, paragraph formation and details.

Students will have the choice of writing a story about a topic of their own choosing, while having the option of choosing to write a historical fiction story, or a story that relates to our current UOI unit on Rights and Responsibilities.



We are starting a Social Studies unit on Rights and Responsibilities. Our Central Idea is “People have Rights and Responsibilities”.

Our lines of inquiry are:

An inquiry into rights & responsibilities.

An inquiry into violation of children’s rights.

An inquiry into how people work to protect children’s rights and provide equal opportunities.

This is always a popular unit, and the students always enjoy reading and learning about children in other parts of the world. We are discussing the difference between rights and responsibilities, and how that looks different in different parts of the world.

Grade 5 Market Day

Dear parents,

On Sunday, November 11, the Grade 5 students will host “Market Day” as part of their How We Organize Ourselves Unit of Inquiry. During this unit students have been learning about businesses, how to start them, and what makes them successful. As the culminating activity, Grade 5 students have created businesses and will host “Market Day” for Grades 1 – 4 during each lunch recess on Sunday, November 11. Prices of goods and services at “Market Day” will be under 10 aed. If you would like your child to participate in “Market Day”, please send your child to school with a small amount of money (5-20 aed) on Sunday, November 11.

Kind Regards,

The Grade 5 Teachers and Students

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conferences

November 14 & 15, 2018

8:00 am – 4:00 pm

You can sign up using the UAS Parent Portal.  See instructions to book your appointment here.  If you are having technical problems please contact The booking system on the Parent Portal will close on Sunday, November 11 at 4:00pm. Please be sure to select your appointments by that time.

We kindly ask that you complete this Google Form (G4) for each of your children in grade 4. This form will provide information to your child’s teachers in order to help them best meet your needs during these conferences.