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  • Pink Day- Tomorrow is Breast Cancer awareness day here at UAS. We will be raising awareness with a walk-a-thon and wearing pink.
    Unfortunately, due to our field trip the 4th grade students MUST wear their UAS shirt. Students may instead wear pink pants or shorts and pink accessories.


  • Due to the museum rule of “no outside food or drink” we will not be eating during the trip. Instead we will ask students to eat a larger meal at the first snack break. They may also bring a small snack to eat on the bus ride back to school. Once we have arrived back, we will finish our lunches in class. Please- Everyone must bring a packed snack and lunch tomorrow as we won’t be able to go to the cafeteria.



  • We will be starting swimming on Sunday! Here is the welcome letter for swimming starting on Sunday! Welcome Swim Letter

Curriculum Goals for the week of Oct 15-19


-Homework menus will be due Thursday, October 19.


Continuing to working on Realistic Fiction, reading intensely, and focusing on our reading.


We will begin drafting our realistic fiction story.


Unit 1 IPPs will go out next week.

We are starting Unit 2 – Using Numbers and Organizing Data

  1. I can use basic addition facts to solve extended fact problems.
  2. I can give equivalent names for numbers.
  3. I can read and write numbers to the millions place, identify place values in such numbers, and calculate the value of the digits in those places.
  4. I can demonstrate that I understand that each place value space is 10 times greater than the space to its right.
  5. I can write a multi-digit number in expanded form.
  6. I can add multi-digit whole numbers using the standard algorithm.
  7. I can subtract multi-digit whole numbers using the standard or trade-first algorithm.
  8. I can make and analyze a tally chart and line plot using data measured to the whole or 1/2 unit.


Next week we will be finishing up our first unit of inquiry with students completing a summative assessment task. Students will work in small groups to create their own community. Students will need to decide on a form of government as well as systems that would be important to their community and citizens. The groups will work together to design a presentation for the class and need to be able to thoroughly explain why they have selected the systems for their communities.

Updates for Oct 8-12


-Please make sure all Macbooks are brought on Tuesday, October 10 due to Science Map Testing.

-Homework menus will go home this Sunday and will be due Thursday, October 19. That is NEXT Thursday, not this coming up Thursday.


Hello there 4th grade students and parents,

I am looking forward to meeting all of you on our first day of PE on Sunday, Oct. 8th.  For week 1 and 2 we will be focusing on Mass Games and Team Cooperation Activities.  During weeks 3 and 4 we will be doing our swimming unit in the pool.  More information about the swimming unit will go out as it gets closer.
Please make sure that during the weeks of PE that you wear your PE kit, wear a pair of training shoes, bring a water bottle and try to not wear any jewellery to school.  Any jewellery will be asked to be removed prior to the start of PE.
See you soon!
Mr. Calandra


Summative Assessment will be Wednesday, October 11. Pre-tests will come home Sunday, Oct 8 for review.

Unit 1: Geometric Shapes

  1. I can name, draw, and describe rays, lines, and line segments.
  2. I can identify, draw, and describe parallel and intersecting lines.
  3. I can classify quadrilaterals.
  4. I can identify, draw, name, and compare quadrilaterals based on their properties.
  5. I can identify a polygon (a closed figure formed by three or more line segments that meet only at their endpoints).


We are looking at the concept of ‘systems’ and ‘communities’ contained in the IB theme of HOW WE ORGANISE OURSELVES.

We will be focusing on the 3rd line of inquiry:

  • Elements of major governing systems (i.e democracy, monarchy, dictatorship etc.)

Home Learning Policy

Please see the UAS Home Learning Policy below for your information.  This was devised by  a school committee, after research into the most up to date expectations for elementary schools.  To answer the most common questions:


Reading is essential each night for about 20-30 minutes in Grade 4.  This is in addition to time spent on other tasks.

Photo Credit: fatbasset via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: fatbasset via Compfight cc


In Grade 4 home learning tasks should take the equivalent of 4 x 10 minutes per week day – equal to 40 minutes per night (Sun – Thurs).

This is split equally between Arabic/Islamic and homeroom tasks.  

So: 20 minutes per night is allocated to homeroom/class tasks and 20 minutes per night to Arabic/Islamic.

Or 20 x 10 = 200 minutes per 2 week cycle each for Arabic/Islamic and also 200 minutes for homeroom  – if you wish to distribute it over fewer nights, or complete it mostly on the weekend.


The children should have choice from a menu and your child is encouraged to be a risk-taker and try activities from different sections.  This give opportunities for different homework to fit different interests and abilities.

UAS Home Learning Policy

Philosophy -Reading at all grades is essential-Home learning should be flexible to support family’s busy schedules and student’s extra curricular activities

-Should not require excessive resources or excessive adult support in order for the students to be successful

-Should be inquiry based where students are self motivated to complete tasks

-Home learning should not be used for assessments

-Home learning should be meaningful, related to class objectives and not just busywork.

-Like all schoolwork, home learning should not be used as a punishment.

-Modifications may be made for students on student learning plans or behavioural plans.

-Home learning will be in the form of a menu to provide choice and to differentiate it for students

-Home learning will go home on a specific date and return on another consistently.

Supporting Research Mary Jane Kohn homework debateKathy Vatterott -A brief history of homeworkRobert J Marzano : Educational Leadership, The Case For and Against HomeworkSchools in Dubai: How much homework is right for your child? Teaching/ Homework Policy
Admin Responsibilities -To ensure there is vertical alignment within the home learning policy-To inform the parent community about the home learning policy-To inform parents about the research behind the policy

-To ensure that all members of the school community follow the policy

-To provide professional learning around the home learning policy

-To support teachers in the implementation of the home learning policy

TeacherResponsibilities -To communicate with parents about the home learning policy at the beginning of the year and during back to school night.-To follow the guidelines of the policy within their classroom-To build in flexibility and choice (menus)-To collaborate with specialist teachers and acknowledge the assessment calendar.

-To differentiate homework

-To be consistent with the approach towards home learning across the year level.

-To acknowledge home learning

FamilyResponsibilities -To manage the guidelines of time set by the school for the students.-To support and guide students with their home learning-To encourage children to be principled and take responsibility for their home learning.

-To be knowledgeable about the school’s philosophy behind homework and what the research suggests

-To encourage reading on a nightly basis and read with/to your child.

StudentResponsibilities -To manage their home learning so they can complete it in a timely matter.-To have knowledge of their home learning assignments and have the appropriate materials necessary to complete the home learning.-To be responsible for homework folders/planners

-To be balanced and balance home learning with physical exercise and play.

-To be risk-takers and vary the home learning that they choose to do.

Time length per day  10 minutes per Grade level per day, equally divided between Homeroom and Arabic/ Islamic teachers.Weekends are not counted as homework days.Grade 1= 10 minutes x5 =50 minutes per week.½ is Arabic and Islamic and ½ is homeroom assigned.

Grade 2=20 minutes x5 = 100 minutes per week.

½ is Arabic and Islamic and ½ is homeroom assigned.

Reading is required on a nightly basis in addition to the time allotted above.


Athletics Information

Please read the following announcement:

The Junior Scorpions Athletics program is offered to students in Grade 4 – 6. This program is part of our wider UAS Athletics program and is separate to the After School Activities program. The JS teams participate in the Junior Emirates Athletic Conference (JEAC) in the sports of soccer, basketball, and track & field. The JS program is an all inclusive program focused on the development of fundamental skills and introducing concepts of healthy and safe competition. Ability levels are identified in order to create mixed level teams in preparation for friendly games and jamborees. There is no cost associated with this program and all students in grades 4-6 are welcome to join.

Junior Scorpions Soccer is ready to begin. Below are some key details:

  1. The season will run from October 1st until November 11th, 2017.
  2. JS Soccer will have two practices per week from 3:20– 4:20pm.
    1. Grade 4 Boys & All Girls Teams practice on Sunday & Wednesday afternoons.
    2. Grade 5 & 6 Boys Teams practice on Monday & Thursday afternoons.
  3. There will be 3 friendly games played either here at UAS or other schools in Dubai.
  4. There is a final jamboree tournament hosted on Saturday, November 11th at various locations throughout Dubai.

In order to register your child for the Junior Scorpions Soccer program, please click on the registration link: JUNIOR SCORPIONS SOCCER. Once registration is completed you will be contacted prior to the first practice day with additional information.

For further information, please contact

If your child is interested in Basketball, Track & Field, or Swimming, these registrations will take place later in the year. GO JUNIOR SCORPIONS!

Dylan Carter

Co – Athletic Director

Experiential Learning Coordinator

Universal American School

P.O. Box 79133

Dubai Festival City

Dubai, United Arab Emirates



Welcome to Grade 4!

Hello and welcome to our blog! We have decided as a grade level that we will use this blog for curriculum information and any other information that needs to be passed along. Please make sure you’ve joined the Bloomz app and connected to your child’s class. That is where each individual class will share pictures and other goings on throughout the year. Please email your child’s teacher for the code for the class.

Macbooks – We are asking that MacBooks be brought in on Monday, September 18.

Specialists  – We’ve gotten some questions about our Specialist time and they are as follows:

9/11- 10/5 Music  – Ms. Austin’s blog can be found here

10/8 – 11/7 PE

 11/5- 11/30 Art

Snacks – Snacks are eaten outside this year during morning recess. Because of time, please make sure that your child is bringing a “portable” snack that can easily be carried outside. Also, please stress to your child that they are not to eat their entire lunch during snack recess.

Bloomz – If you have not already, download the Bloomz app and connect to your child’s class. Please email the teacher if you are having trouble or if you need the class code.

Mrs. Tillet

Mrs. Davy

Ms. Talbot

Ms. Jones

**Reminder** – Starting next week we will have early dismissal on Tuesdays at 2pm. There is also no school on Thursday, September 21 for the Islamic New Year Holiday. 

We have had a fabulous first week of school and can’t wait to see your kids again on Sunday!


4th Grade Team