Fourth Unit of Inquiry — Advertising and Persuasive Media (How We Express Ourselves)

In our fourth unit of inquiry, we are learning about persuasive media and advertisements. During the unit, students will explore different types of advertisements such as print, TV, internet and radio ads. We will learn to look at the ads with a critical eye and understand how they are trying to influence us with a variety of persuasive techniques.

The central idea for this unit is:

Media utilizes persuasion to influence others to take action.

The lines of Inquiry are:

  1. different forms of media
  2. the use of persuasive language, images and sounds in media
  3. targeting an audience
  4. the importance of thinking critically about media messages

For our final assessment students will create their own advertisements using persuasive techniques they learned during the unit. The advertisements will need to be targeted to a selected audience, be creative, neat, and have a good use of color.

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