New Reading Unit- Unit 4- Reading Persuasive Texts

For our fourth unit of Reading, we will be learning how to read and understand persuasive and opinion texts. Students will continue to build their understanding of nonfiction texts.

We will be learning to

  1. Identify between fact and opinion
  2. Identify the author’s purpose for writing a given text
  3. Use context clues to understand the meaning of new words.
  4. Identify the author’s craft techniques for persuasive texts.
  5. Paraphrase information from nonfiction texts

For the final assessment, students will be working on three skill-based questions. The question stems are posted below. For each skill, students will need to be able to justify their answers by citing information and details from the story. For example “I know that the author likes dogs because…..”

You can use these question stems to practice at home.


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