Math Unit 4

We have begun the fourth unit of Math.

In this unit, we will practice and grow our understandings of addition, subtraction, rounding, problem-solving, and conversion of measurements.

These are the main skills that will be assessed in this unit:

  1. Addition and subtraction of larger numbers, up to millions
  2. Rounding numbers to tens, hundreds, thousands, ten-thousands, hundred-thousands, millions.
  3. Solving word problems using all four operations.
  4. Converting between measurements (i.e- grams to kilograms, minutes to hours, milliliters to liters, meters to kilometers)
  5. Writing numbers in words and in expanded form
  6. Comparing larger numbers using <,>,=
  7. Missing digit addition and subtraction

Please find the unit family letter attached

Bridges Unit 4- Family Letter



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