Unit of Inquiry —-Rights and Responsibilities

Unit of Inquiry 3 – Theme: Who We Are

For our third unit of Inquiry, we will have a social studies focused unit on Rights and Responsibilities. 

Students will explore the central idea of “People have rights and responsibilities”. 

Our lines of inquiry are: 

  1. Rights & Responsibilities – What are rights? What are responsibilities? How are rights and responsibilities different in different places? What rights should people have?


  1. Violations of people’s rights – How and why are people’s rights violated? What happens when people’s rights are violated? What does equal opportunity mean?


  1. How people work to protect rights and provide equal opportunities – What can we do to help people whose rights are violated? Who is helping?

Students will learn about historical and current situations in which human rights are violated both intentionally and through unintentional circumstances. 

For our summative assessment of this unit, students will research a person who has had their rights violated or who has worked to help people whose rights have been violated. They will create a presentation on this person and represent the person in a “living museum”.

To see an example of a living museum: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QFXh7njkWc

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