Math Unit 2

In Unit 2, Students continue to build multiplicative reasoning as they work with multi-digit multiplication and early division. In Module 1, students use base ten area pieces to investigate place value patterns, as well as the model and solve single- and double-digit multiplication problems. In Module 2, they move from building multiplication arrays to sketching them. They also build ratio tables and use them to make generalizations about the effects of multiplying by 10, 100, and 1,000. In the third module, students solve a variety of multiplication story problems and work together to compile and compare the strategies they have been practicing. In Module 4, students solve division problems that require them to make sense of remainders in a variety of contexts. New Work Places provide more practice with multiplication facts, multi-digit multiplication, and division with remainders. 

Our second unit is titled, Multi-Digit Multiplication & Early Division:

  1. Building Multiplication Arrays
  2. Arrays & Ratio Tables
  3. Multiplication Stories & Strategies
  4. Early Division with Remainders

Students will be bringing home their Home Connections workbook at least twice a week to complete homework and return it to school the next day.  They should also be working on mastering their multiplication times tables every night.

Please find the Unit Two Family letter:

Math Unit 2- Family Letter

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