Our First Unit of Inquiry (U.O.I)

For our first unit of Inquiry, the Fourth Graders will be growing in our understanding of conflicts, resolutions, and peace. The unit will be approximately six weeks long. Throughout the unit, we will study different types of conflict. Starting small with internal conflicts, and moving out slowly to larger and larger types of conflict, i.e. conflicts with friends and family, then onto international conflicts. This unit is primarily a social studies unit which incorporates Moral Education requirements set by the Ministry of Education.

For international conflicts, we will learn about political, social and economic conflicts. The unit will culminate in students participating in a small scale model UN team. Students will work together in a cooperative group to try and solve an example international crisis through peaceful compromise. More information regarding this project will be sent out as we come closer to the end of the unit.

Central Idea: Finding peaceful solutions to conflict can lead to a better quality of life.

Lines of Inquiry (key concepts):

1. Conflict (causation)

2. How conflicts can be managed or resolved (function)

3. How peace and conflict affect people (connection)


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