Ninth Unit of Math

This week we are beginning our 9th unit of Math for the year. After reviewing the concepts found in unit 9 of Everyday Math, we found that they did not match the Fourth Grade curriculum standards. As such, we will substitute the EDM math with another fraction unit. As a grade level, we feel that this is an area that all students could use further instruction and practice in.

Today, we gave a pre-assessment for our fraction standards to know exactly where each child needs more support or is ready to move onto harder concepts. Based on these pre-assessments we will design lessons and pull small groups in class to best meet the needs of our students.

We will spend just three weeks on this unit before moving back to EDM for unit 10. We will have a final assessment for this substituted unit 9.  Please find below the IPP we will use for this unit along with IXL modules for the different standards.

Unit 9 IPP

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