Math Unit Six

This week we will begin Unit 6 of Math.

As a school, we are trying to choose a new math resource to use next year. During this unit, we will be trying out the updated Everyday Math Program. Even though we will use the updated resource we will still cover the same topics from unit 6 of our current resource. You may notice that some resources look different. For example, the family letter attached here. (Please note, the family letter mentions fractions. We have not covered fractions yet and they will not be included in our work in this unit.)

Our focus for Unit 6 will be the following concepts:

Division facts, extended division facts, the partial-quotient method of long division, measuring angles.

Please find attached the family letter for unit 6 along with the IPP including IXL modules.

For an explanation of partial quotient, you can watch the video linked.

Family Letter Unit 6 -Eng-11emryi

Unit 6 -IPP Start-19vsnq0

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