This Week in Math (Jan. 6th – 11th)

This week we will be completing the last section for unit 4, on measuring metric length. Students will need to be able to measure objects, lines, and distances to the closest half centimeter. (Please note the closest half centimeter might be a whole number).

Students will also need to be able to use a ruler to draw a line to a given half centimeter length.

Finally, students will need to be able to convert metric measurements of length.

For example 6 cm = 60 mm /   4 cm = 0.04 m  /  78 mm = 7.8 cm

Next Sunday, Jan 11th the students will complete Unit 4 of math by finishing the measuring section of “Written Assessment Part A” as well as all of “Written Assessment Part B” and the “Open Response” sections for Unit 4.

“Written Assessment Part B” and “Open Response” will have problems relating the decimals concepts we learned in Unit 4 before the break. As such, we will also revise decimals this week.


Thank you,

Fourth Grade Teachers

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