Curriculum Goals for the week of Oct 15-19


-Homework menus will be due Thursday, October 19.


Continuing to working on Realistic Fiction, reading intensely, and focusing on our reading.


We will begin drafting our realistic fiction story.


Unit 1 IPPs will go out next week.

We are starting Unit 2 – Using Numbers and Organizing Data

  1. I can use basic addition facts to solve extended fact problems.
  2. I can give equivalent names for numbers.
  3. I can read and write numbers to the millions place, identify place values in such numbers, and calculate the value of the digits in those places.
  4. I can demonstrate that I understand that each place value space is 10 times greater than the space to its right.
  5. I can write a multi-digit number in expanded form.
  6. I can add multi-digit whole numbers using the standard algorithm.
  7. I can subtract multi-digit whole numbers using the standard or trade-first algorithm.
  8. I can make and analyze a tally chart and line plot using data measured to the whole or 1/2 unit.


Next week we will be finishing up our first unit of inquiry with students completing a summative assessment task. Students will work in small groups to create their own community. Students will need to decide on a form of government as well as systems that would be important to their community and citizens. The groups will work together to design a presentation for the class and need to be able to thoroughly explain why they have selected the systems for their communities.

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