Grade 3 Musical!

Dear Parents,

Please make sure your children are at school by 7:30am for the Musical on Monday, February 12th in the MPH. The musical will start at 8:00am and will end by 9:00am. There will be coffee and snacks provided in the foyer for parents after the performance until 9:30am.

*Ms. Austin has told the students that if they arrive late to school and the performance has already started they may not get to perform, so please ensure your children are at school with plenty of time to change and be ready for the performance.

Thank you and look forward to seeing many of you there!

Kind Regards,

Grade 3 Team

MAP Testing Starts Next Week!

Dear Grade 3 Parents,

Please note we will be doing our mid year MAP testing during the week of January 21st-25th. It is important to note the days that your child will be testing to ensure that they arrive to school on time and have a good nights sleep plus a healthy breakfast 🙂

Please see schedule below:

Sunday- 8:00-9:25am Math

Monday- 8:00-9:25 Language Usage

Tuesday-12:45- 1:45 Science

Wednesday- 8:00-9:25 Reading

Homework Posted to Google Classroom

Dear Grade 3 Parents,

Please note that the students homework has been posted to their Google Classroom accounts. For the rest of the year the students will be able to access their homework through Google Classroom (no more printed copies).

If your child seems to be having difficulty accessing their Google Classroom accounts please email their homeroom teacher directly for their account information.

Kind Regards,

Grade 3 Team

Note from Ms. Zou

Dear Grade 3 Students! Please see the note below from Ms. Zou!

Dear students:

This year’s Book Week theme is Escape to Everywhere. Through books, we can escape to all sorts of places:  Hogwarts, Narnia, the Hobbits’ Shire,  the bottom of the sea or even outer space.  When we have the chance to escape into a book we are instantly transported into a different world and it feels like we are actually alongside the characters.  Perhaps you can hear the hoot of an owl, smell the home cooked meal in Bag End or hear the thunder of hooves approaching.  We can also escape to real worlds too where we learn the rules of football or how to grow crystals.  

Your task is to design a T-Shirt around this theme.  What does Escape to Everywhere mean or look like to you?

Your design must include:

  • UAS Book Week 2018 for the front of T-shirt

  • Theme title: Escape to Everywhere

  • Design for the back of T-shirt

  • Your name and grade

If you are interested in participating in this competition, please create your design on an A4 paper.  Designs must be submitted to Ms Fraser in the ES (Room 322) by Thursday the 11th of January at the latest.  All students across all grade levels may participate and the winning design will be printed onto T-Shirts to be sold in celebration of this year’s Book Week.  Attached are some ideas for inspiration.

Good luck!

Invention Convention Reminder

Dear Grade 3 Parents,

This is a quick reminder to join us tomorrow, Wednesday December 13th” in the MPH from 2:00-2:50pm for our Grade 3 Invention Convention.

Administration has allowed all the Grade 3 students to wear “formal/business” attire for the convention 🙂 We hope this will make the students feel more confident and official when presenting their inventions. Students can arrive at school in uniform and change before the convention or arrive at school in their formal clothes!

We look forward to seeing many of you tomorrow!

Kind Regards,

Grade 3 Team

Last Update for 2017!

Dear Grade 3 Parents,

As the holidays are quickly approaching, and we are wrapping up the last week of school, things are busy in Grade 3 (as per usual). Please make note of all the items below so that you don’t miss out on anything coming up this week!

Wednesday, December 13th- Grade 3 Annual Invention Convention! Please join us in the MPH from 2:00-2:50pm for the students invention convention. You will be able to see, support and question the students on their individual inventions and the invention process they have been working through at school.

Thursday, December 14thHalf Day of school (12 noon dismissal) and Pyjama Day! Most classes will be having their holiday party on this day as well so please contact individual homeroom teachers for more information on how you can get involved!

* This week during Library students will be allowed to check out new books to read over the break. Please make sure your child brings in their library books so that they can get some great new reading for the holiday. All students should continue to read 30min a day over the break!

*This week Grade 3 will not be assigning homework.  Towards the end of the week we will post a blog with information regarding websites and activities that Grade 3 students can continue to work on over the holiday.

*If your child will be missing any days of school this week due to travel please make sure to inform your child’s homeroom teacher and the attendance office asap.

We wish you all a relaxing and joyful holiday and look forward to seeing you all in the New Year!

Kind Regards,

Grade 3 Team

Junior Scorpion Development Swim Team

Dear Grade 3 Parents,

Please see email below from our Aquatics Director 🙂

Dear Parents,

We are now accepting registration for the Junior Scorpions Development swim team.  This team will practice every Thursday beginning Jan 11 from 3:15 – 4:15pm. Late bussing will be  available but may not start until the middle of January so students must be picked up on Jan 11th. It is important to be at the first practice as our first swim meet is Jan 23rd.

Due to the size of the pool, we can only take a maximum of 25 students.   Students must be able to swim 25m (a full length of the pool) comfortably to be considered for this team.

Here is a possible list of swim meets we will be attending: Only students ready for competition will be entered. UAS will provide bussing to and from these events.

Tuesday Jan 23 @ American School of Dubai;  from 4 – 5:45pm

Friday Feb 16 @ Dubai American Academy;  from 8:15 – 1pm

Thursday Mar 15 @ Universal American School; from 4- 5:45pm

Fri and Sat Apr 27/28 at Hamdan (MEUC)

Thursday May 3 @ Gems World Academy;  from 1- 4pm (grade 1-3 only)

Monday May 7 @American School of Dubai;  from 4 – 5:45pm

Please click on the link below to register.

Ms Terry

Aquatics Director