Homework. Week of March 2nd.

Dear 3rd Grade Parents,


This week’s homework is outlined below. It will be due on Sunday, March 9th. 


  • Please have your child bring one recyclable plastic bottle to school tomorrow (clean, empty and transparent). 
  • Please have your child download the Class Dojo App. They will be using the student portion to build portfolios. 



  • 30 minutes of reading each night
  • Complete 1 reading response



  • Home Connections page 73 & 74 (Wednesday)
  • Home Connections page 75 & 76 (Thursday)




List 1 List 2 List 3
dad street follow
hide above pretty
almost find couldn’t
dog between happen
anything every themselves
home should direction
down father nothing
become watch life
end children someone
behind hid without

*Please remember that only proper nouns should be capitalized. If a child puts a capital letter on a word that is not a proper noun, it will be marked incorrect from this week forward. Ie. Monday is a proper noun, month is not.


Key vocabulary for this week:

This week we will focus on vocabulary connected to our reading and writing unit.  


  • quotations
  • narrator
  • author
  • paragraph
  • subtopic
  • title
  • subheading
  • expert vocabulary
  • glossary
  • index
  • table of contents


Kind regards,

Grade 3 Team


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