Homework. Week of February 23rd-27th.

Dear 3rd Grade Parents,

We hope you had a wonderful long weekend and are all enjoying the beautiful weather. 

**Note the following correction to our blog post from last week: Sports Day is on Wednesday, February 26th from 12:45 – 2:45pm.

Find below the homework for this week.


  • 30 minutes of reading each night
  • Complete 1 reading response


  • Home Connections page 71 & 72 (Wednesday)


List 1 List 2 List 3
week grade window
something snow better
bus does written
year together favorite
can’t house care
tell start myself
across grew since
world way picture
cat friend class
take story idea


Key vocabulary for this week:

As our maths unit on measurement continues so too will our vocabulary. 

  • centimeter (cm)
  • digital clock
  • analog clock
  • equation
  • fraction
  • gram
  • hour (hr.)
  • kilogram
  • length
  • volume
  • liquid volume
  • liter (l)
  • mass
  • meter (m)
  • minute (min.)
  • thirds
  • cup
  • customary system
  • metric system
  • capacity
  • gallon (gal.)
  • gram (g)
  • milliliter (ml)
  • ounce (oz.)
  • pound (lb.)
  • quart (qt.)

Kind regards,

Grade 3 Team

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