Sunday, November 17th

Dear Parents,

Another week has flown by, and the student’s are adjusting well to the improved schedule. 


This week, we sent home the Student Learning and Assessment Booklets (SLABs) for the first time. Students will begin to self-reflect on the SLABs in this current unit, in two subject areas, and will work towards self-assessment in all areas by the end of the year. Please keep in mind that this is not a summative grade, or a report card, and many I CAN statements are recurring throughout the year. If you notice that your child has been marked as “Developing” for a specific I CAN statement, this does not mean that this is their final grade.


With the change in weather this week, we are starting to notice many students are wearing non-uniform jackets and warm clothes to school. Please keep in mind the uniform policy requires students to wear a school jacket, and school pants. Please see the school store if your child is in need of any of these items.


We have included our UAS Homework Policy guidelines for homework expectations for our third grade students below:

Reading or sharing a book every night 20 minutes
Practice math facts every night 10 minutes
Math or language or unit of inquiry  2-4 times per week 20 minutes

Dates to Remember

November 21st: Field Trip to the Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural 

Understanding. Students will come home with a permission slip on Sunday 

and will need to return it to school with the necessary fees no later than 

Tuesday, November 19th.

November 28th: School Thanksgiving Celebration & National Day Celebration

December 1st-3rd: No school for the National Day Celebration

December 5th: Unit of Inquiry Cultural Breakfast (Details to come)

December 10th:  Santa to visit school. Student Pajama Day 

December 12th: Class Winter party & early dismissal 

December 13th-January 4th: Winter Break. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!  

Curriculum This Week:

  • Reading – Students will continue their inquiry into poetic language by working on making inferences and recognizing patterns in poetry.
  • Math – This week, we will continue our journey into understanding multiplication using a variety of strategies. Students have been exposed to using number lines, arrays, doubling, and ratio tables to help with their understanding of multiplication and how multiplication facts can be related to one another.
  • Unit of Inquiry – Students will continue their learning journey into the unit of How We Express Ourselves, by looking at the concept of climate and how climate affects culture. They will also begin researching about a country’s culture that they are interested in. Students will be working towards completing a project to be shared during our annual Cultural Breakfast. Invitations and details to follow.

We appreciate your support in working with us on your child’s learning journey and look forward to all of the exciting events coming up!

Grade 3 Team

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