Week of October 6th, 2019

Dear Parents,

It is hard to believe we have been back in school for one month already! The children are now well settled into their new classes and following the Essential Agreements. 


This week saw the start of one to one iPads being used across the grade level and we were busy collecting the AUP forms from students and setting up good routines – making the students aware of their responsibility. 

Dates to Remember:

  • Swimming classes in PE will begin on Sunday, October 6th. (Please refer to the e-mail from the PE department for more information.)
  • Class Photo Day on October 9th and 10th.
    • 3MG has their class photo being taken on Wednesday, October 9th.
    • 3FdP and 3VA have their class photos being taken on Thursday, October 10th.
  • Drawings By Me orders are due back to school by Sunday, October 13th.

This upcoming week, students will be working on:

  • Writing – Students will continue writing narratives and begin taking a specific piece of writing through the writing process. They will study what other authors have done, focus on developing the heart of a story, and begin their understanding of paragraphing.
  • Reading – Students will be working on making higher-level predictions, and retelling stories. They will finish off the week by beginning to choose higher level texts that begin to push their reading skills forward.
  • Math – This week, we will continue our understanding of addition and subtraction with double digits, with a focus on story problems.
  • Unit of Inquiry – Students will be developing their understanding of different types of government. They will have the chance to explore the government styles of democracy, monarchy and dictatorship. Feel free to begin having conversations with your child about these types of government.


Please remember to remind your child to return their reading log with the completed task/response on Sunday morning.

We wish you a lovely weekend and look forward to another great week ahead.

Grade 3 Team


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