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September 26th, 2019


Dear Parents,


It was a pleasure meeting many of you last night at our Back to School Night. 


Please find below some updates for the next week of school:


  • Sunday will be a Day E and we will follow through to Day A on Thursday.


Dates to Remember:


  • IPad information night will be happening on Wednesday, September 25th at 3:30 pm in the MPH. We ask that students attend with their parents so all teachers, parents, and students have the same understanding of expectations.


Curriculum this week:

  • Writing – Students will continue their journey as writers, crafting true stories and focusing on small moments. 
  • Reading – It has been great to see how students are becoming more engaged as readers. We are going to continue our understanding of choosing “Just Right” books and reading for sustained periods of time. Students will be bringing their reading logs home beginning Sunday, to record their reading done at home.
  • Math – We will begin our work on subtraction using a variety of strategies.
  • Unit of Inquiry – We will be finding out about the qualities and characteristics of leaders and gaining a deeper understanding of how students can be leaders in their own lives.


Attached is a screenshot of our daily schedule and specialist rotation. 


Have a lovely weekend, 


The Grade 3 Team 

Dear Grade 3 Parents,


We have had an exciting week of learning this week and are looking for an even greater week next week. 


We were happy to see many parents at out iPad Information meeting on Wednesday. The slideshow from Wednesday’s presentation will be sent home through e-mail by management soon. Your child will bring home with a paper copy of the UAS Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) which includes the contract portion of the agreement. We ask that you carefully read through and understand the policy and go over the expectations with your child. It is expected that students and parents both sign the agreement. Students can only bring their iPads to school if they have returned the signed AUP. We would like students to bring their iPads to school as early as Sunday, September 29, 2019.


The list of applications that students should have downloaded on their iPads will can be found along with the AUP and agreement.


Dates to Remember:

  • ASAs begin on October 1st.


This upcoming week, students will be working on:

  • Writing – Students will continue writing narratives and will focus on adding details and vivid descriptions to true stories to bring their writing to life – allowing the reader to play it like a movie in their head.
  • Reading – Students are finishing up developing systems in their classrooms for organizing their class libraries. We are continuing to choose just-right books. We will be moving forward into comprehension, predictions and retelling stories throughout the week.
  • Math – This week, we will continue our understanding of addition with multiple double-digit addends. 
  • Unit of Inquiry – Students will be wrapping up their work on leadership and will carry their conversation and understanding forward with citizenship.


We wish you a lovely weekend and look forward to a great week of learning ahead.


Grade 3 Team

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