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Week of June 9th

Eid Mubarak!

Next week we will all be enjoying a long week off for Eid.  We hope that everyone has a great week.

When the students return we will be starting to wind down our school year so with that said students will be having end of year assessments.  If you plan to have your child leave earlier than June 27, please notify the teacher.


Students will have the opportunity to apply some of the things they have learned about fractions to contexts involving number lines, division, and data collection.   

How can we show what we understand about fractions?

How can we locate fractions on a number line?

How can we recognize equivalent fractions?

How can we compare two fractions?

IXL Skills

W12 -W22

X1 – X11

Y1 – Y7

Edmentum-Exact Path

* Teachers have assigned an Edmentum Challenge for the holiday.  


account login: uasdubai username: student UAS email   (

password: 1234 or they can use their easy login


We are continuing to research animal life cycles. They will learn how to identify good sources, and differentiate between high quality and false information online.  

How can I find accurate information online?

What is the difference between a good source and a bad source?  

Unit of Inquiry

Students will continue to investigate the life cycles and traits of organisms.

What is a life cycle?

What are different animal groups & are their life cycles different?

How are animals similar and different from their parents?

Important Dates:

First Day back to our regular school schedule 7:20 – 3:20 – it will be a “B” Day

B Day  – 3NK

C DAY  – 3AV

A Day – 3MG

MAP Testing 

Sunday, June 9th – Math

Tuesday, June 11th – Reading

Thursday, June 13th – Language Arts

Tuesday, June 18th – Science


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