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Week of May 26th, 2019

Ramadan Kareem!


Students are investigating fractions models to understand unit fractions, comparing fractions and understanding equivalent fractions.  

Students are also looking at fractions on a number line.

What are different ways to show the same fraction?

How can we recognize equivalent fractions?

How can we compare two fractions?

IXL Skills

W12 -W22

X1 – X11

Y1 – Y7

Exact Path

Feel free to have students jump on anytime!

A reminder for login information is below –

site: https://login.edmentum.com/

account login: uasdubai

username: student UAS email   (firstinitiallastname2028@uasdubai.ae)

password: 1234 or they can use their easy login


We are continuing to research animal life cycles. They will learn how to identify good sources and differentiate between high quality and false information online.  

How can I find accurate information online?

What is the difference between a good source and a bad source?  

What is fake news?

Unit of Inquiry

We are continuing to inquire into life cycles using mealworms for this inquiry. We will inquire into how animals live, grow and survive.  We will then explore the life cycles of animals and the traits they inherit. In the mealworm activity, students will observe and explore the life cycle of a mealworm and record data while making these observations.  

We still have not received materials for this investigation if you have not done so, please supply these materials.  If you have any extras at home, feel free to send them to school:

Empty Plastic Bottles




Any plant bearing seed

Uncooked beans

What is a life cycle?

What are different animal groups & are their life cycles different?

How are plants and animals dependent on one another?

Important Dates:

Ramadan Schedule continues.  Please be sure that your child is in school on or before 8:20. School hours will be to 8:30 am-1:30 pm.

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